4 New FIFA 2010 High Detail Shots

Electronic Arts just released four high detail shots for Fifa 2010.

The shots show astonishing detail of players and almost lifelike appearance.

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lociefer3429d ago

rooney looks videogamey rather than natural

jromao3428d ago

This FIFA look is very plastic. Very nice way PES 2010 is delivering graphics.

xwabbit3427d ago

This game made so much $ and to get graphics like this lol.., anyways... the gameplay will be great... i hope...

aksmashh3427d ago

Do they make rooney uglier every year or is that a real photo?
Also stop with ronaldinho how much more can they do?

StanLee3427d ago

Just of bought Fifa 09 last October. Not buying another Fifa game. If PES makes a return to form in 2010, I'll buy that. Fifa 09 really wasn't the jump it was claimed to be. It was just better than the competition.

Richdad3426d ago

Does looks nice, but PES is ahead this time it eill have better gameplay as always but now they have better graphics too.

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Leord3429d ago

You could practically pick off food stuck between their teeth here :P

darkmurder3428d ago

As long as teh games good...

Fatmanp3427d ago

LMAO Rooney looks terrible.

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