PSP Go Press Release unveils more features

* Easy Sliding Display Panel and Original Applications
When the panel is open, users will be able to enjoy various entertainment content with the familiar button control as PSP-3000, when closed, original applications for (exclusive to) PSPgo, such as a clock and calendar is displayed on the screen. Users can also enjoy video and music when the panel is closed.

* Game sleep function
PSPgo has unique features such as game sleep function which enables users to operate XMB (XrossMediaBar) while pausing gameplay temporarily.

* Bluetooth® function
Bluetooth function will also allow users to connect Bluetooth standard peripherals such as head-phones and head-set *5 as well as PS3 wireless controller (DUALSHOCK®3 and SIXAXIS®) *6 to be used when watching video content on TVs via PSP at home*7.

* Peripheral line-up
One of the products within PSPgo's peripheral line-up is a new Cradle (PSP-N340) *7 that will become available in stores worldwide concurrently with the release of PSPgo. This new Cradle enables users to charge the PSPgo battery and also enjoy watching video and listening to music. Also included in the peripheral line-up are video-out port cables that enable users to enjoy games and videos on their TVs at home.

Also this fall, a new music application specific to PSP that uses the "SensMe channels"; music recommendation feature, developed by Sony, also becomes available for download on PSP. With this music application, users will be able to enjoy their favorite music stored on their PSP through a rich user interface, designed exclusively for PSP. "SensMe channels" is a mood based music recommendation system that categorizes music content into channels such as "Relax," "Dance" and "Upbeat," and recommends music playlists for users.

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Sashby1233426d ago

Original Applications seems to imply that the PSP will receive downloadable applications similar to the iphone. The SenseMe thing though is not exclusive to Go but will be an application on PSP's similar to Sony Ericsons offerings.

Tomdc3425d ago

they need to hury up and get music on the playstation store! When that happens the PSP will completely blow the ipod touch out the water!

locos853425d ago

I hope when you play music the sound will be much better and crispier than the current PSP do, and i'm talking about the sound through the auxiliary cables. I hope the sound is just as good as the Ipod.

Sashby1233426d ago
Premium Peripherals for the PSP® go

* Composite AV Cable
* Component AV Cable
* AC Adaptor
* USB Cable
* Single Cradle (For charging and USB data transfer)
* Protective Filter
* Low-end case/pouch
* Mid-range case/pouch
* High-end case/pouch
* Memory Stick Micro (M2) 2GB and 4GB
* Wired Headphones

darthv723426d ago

It would be really cool if the new GO supported mini HDMI. I would like to see more games support HD gaming on the GO. By that I am implying that the game plays on the GO but then if you dock it, and had it connected (by component it seems) would allow the game or content to be run at 720p or 1080i. Be sweet to play GT on on the little screen then hook it up to reg controller and play on big screen at 1080.

Maybe that will be something the PSP2 will offer.

Qui-Gon Jim3425d ago

...but then i realized it would probably not look nearly as good on my 40" screen as on a handheld.

I should say i don't have a PSP, but if there was complete interoperability between it and PS3 (eg. remote play for ALL games), i would be much more tempted. Again, hopefully a PSP2 thing

The_Assassin3426d ago

I was going to buy this but I changed my mind there is not much changes between this and the old psp it's just not worth my 250 so I will use my money instead. To get some new ps3 games and a g25 racing wheel

Pennywise3426d ago

Same here. I will stick with my 3000.

Chris3993426d ago

Just upgraded to a 3000 yesterday and must say that I'm loving it. Don't understand all the negativity over the screen, which is VASTLY improved over the 2000. You can actually game in broad daylight now (which is great, as I use my PSP a lot in transit).

But the incentive now to further upgrade to a Go is non-existent, especially as they didn't announce any sort of UMD transfer option the other day, just a non-committal: "we're looking into it". That's never a good answer.

ChampIDC3426d ago

I preordered the Rock Band PSP bundle a while back. I was thinking about cancelling when I heard about the Go, but now that I know the upgrades aren't gigantic, I'm not too worried anymore.

Nitrowolf23426d ago

ive actually compared all 3 psp model and the 2000 had the worst screen. It made me sad becuase i was that 2000 owner. The color is gone for some games.

solidt123425d ago

Depends on how you look at it. I have PSP 2000 and was looking to get a 16gb memory stick. It cost $75 - $100

so if you need that much space you might as well buy the PSP Go up front and the PSP is $150 plus 16gb memory for $100 total $250.

But you can always buy a discounted PSP too and expand so yeah, your right too much....

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Johnny Rotten3426d ago

The price kinda killed it for me, I already have a 2000 but if the price was right I would've upgraded just for fun.

btw if anybody is looking to upgrade memory for cheap for the older models check this out

I have something similar but it only holds 1 card, so I ended up paying $30CAD for 8gb of memory.

Super-Brad3426d ago

It looks like the new PSP has a kind of in-game XMB:

'Game sleep function
PSPgo has unique features such as game sleep function which enables users to operate XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) while pausing gameplay temporarily. '

I would like to know more of this feature.

I_am_rushin3426d ago

Basically that means In-Game XMB for the PSP Go. Also is interesting that it says users can use the Dualshock 3 with it. Second analog anyone?

PotNoodle3426d ago

The 3000 can use the DS3 with games that have it enabled such as Resistance retribution.

koehler833426d ago

Every PSP model has this feature. Just flick the power switch. Hold it to turn off.

RealityCheck3426d ago

@5.2 Really? Didn't know that. Did you try it? Does it work well?

typikal823426d ago

I thought any PSP could do that with Resistance Retrobution? but you have to have everything plugged into the PS3.

The PSPgo will use the Dual Shock 3 via wireless Bluetooth.

Mirage7493426d ago


A second analog stick will most likely not work. That "*6" after it says one can use a DUALSHOCK 3 or SIXAXIS controller states the following:

"*6 PS3 wireless controller can be used. To register PS3 wireless controller on PSPgo, PS3 is needed. Some buttons and rumble feature will not be supported."

It's a good possibility that the second analog stick will not work.

StalkingSilence3425d ago

Just noticed the in-game XMB

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