Brave: A Warrior's Tale Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming Wii and Xbox 360 title, Brave: A Warrior's Tale.

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Maticus3428d ago

Should be fun on the Wii.

Leord3428d ago

Very basic graphics...

Redrudy3428d ago

Music is evocative but that's about it. One for the kiddies probably.

SCFreelancer3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

How very strange.. this game..

Leord3428d ago

Looks almost a bit Zelda-esque actually, after watching the whole trailer...

SCFreelancer3428d ago

It might be that I got the time to get used to the Zelda graphics, but this trailer gives me a hard time seeing this a serious game making attempt.

Dorjan3428d ago

odd style for this day and age