3rd Kojima Project Confimed/PS3?

In the new copy of OPM UK, Editor Tim Clark hints at a new Kojima Game. While the magazine doesn't mention MGS: Rising, it does have omages from other E3 events like the Assassin's Creed 2 Demo. Could this just be Rising, or Kojima's 3rd Project?

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resistance1003477d ago

Ever thought they are on about MGS:PW?

arika3477d ago

if this is true and hideo kojima is making it then count me in.

Syronicus3477d ago

Perhaps it's the unannounced title that Sony will be talking about at the end of E3?

V ii T aL3477d ago

I hope its a true sequel not a spin-off!

dragunrising3477d ago

I'm pretty sure the third Kojima title is Zone of Enders. He has stated numerous times his interest in a sequel.

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jay23477d ago

Can anyone get a cleaner image?

Fishy Fingers3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Slightly blurry but its quite easy to read in its entirety.

Here you go...

"Theres also plenty to play right now, because it's another crazy strong month for reviews, with Red Fraction: Guerrilla, Prototype and the PS3-exclusive Ghostbusters all confirming that this is turning into a gala year for third-person action games. Speaking of which, theres the matter of Hideo Kojima's next game to consider. Much more on which, next month..."

Could be Raiden, could be Peace Walker. But doesnt "confirm" a 3rd title.

ravenl0rd3477d ago

The person who wrote this should learn how to spell. That is all.

ultimolu3477d ago

That's not a confirmation? -_-

eagle213477d ago

The next Kojima HD game is only for PS3. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.