E3: Xbox Live Evolution Will Add Years to 360

Software evolution such as the introduction of Xbox Live features Games on Demand, Zune Video and Facebook could help the Xbox 360 last for "years to come", says Xbox Live GM Marc Whitten.

Speaking to CVG at E3, Whitten said that before introducing new Xbox Hardware, "I think we should continue to see how far we can evolve the experience just through software.

"I think you can also see with Project Natal that there are things you can do to add to that experience," he said.

"Frankly regardless of when, if and how we see the next hardware platform, this one will have legs for years and years to come. We will be able to do so much with what we have with the Xbox 360 - sitting in everyone's living room, everybody connected together."

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Sonyslave33424d ago

lol yall mad becasue 360 life span is going to be l0yrs lol

jahcure3424d ago

...what is in this video, then come talk to me. Imagine all this is IN GAME FOOTAGE...who uses in game footage to make a cinematic trailer..

oh wait..MGS4 did it..hrm

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AAACE53424d ago

OK, now that MS has struck back at Nintendo with their motion controls and at Sony by taking away the most popular Playstation only franchises and challenging GT 5 head on with FM 3, It is time for them to come with some new Ip's or just something other than shooters and games that look like they should be on the Wii!

Sonyslave33424d ago

yall don't even have a xbox 360 so i don't even know why yall talking about RRod for lol.

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KionicWarlord2223424d ago

Yeah those features and natal will be interesting to use.

Anon19743424d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

No, I haven't been banished to the Gamerzone recently. I don't think it was a mod. It was an overnight thing. From 9 bubbles down to 6, and this morning down to 5.
Since when have I ever claimed to be an unbiased gamer? I'm 100% pro-Sony. I think the PS3 is the best console going. However, I don't find it necessary to bash the 360 at every opportunity like some Sony fans feel they need to. I also like my 360, I've just had bad luck with the hardware. Like I've said before, I'm a gamer, and I think we should all be gamers and not console cheerleaders. That doesn't mean that we aren't going to have and support a preference from time to time.

Edit: Actually, it looks like the mods deleted the main post there. This post is for Commodore64's comments below. And it's not a "anti-darkride" paranoia. I've caught the little bastard a couple of times and got him kicked off after cloning my account and spouting off. And other users notice to because they'll bring it to my attention when it happens.

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