Professional drivers mess with Forza Motorsport 2

"Do you guys have (the circuit) Long Beach in this game? I've never driven it before and I need to learn it for the next race," asks professional racer Mika Salo on the Risi Competizione Ferrari racing team while checking out a build of Forza Motorsport 2. The game and its three screen, wheel-enhanced setup were brought to the first race of the 2007 season at Sebring International Raceway in Florida to some surprisingly interested drivers who deal with the real thing every day.

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FordGTGuy4271d ago

its almost 3 weeks old news.

nanometric4270d ago

Don't ask me! Atleast the date was new.

xfrgtr4271d ago

Mika salo Ferrari team is sponsored by microsoft,of course they will say how realistic the game is

power of Green 4271d ago

Doesnt get anymore real Just STF up. lol