Eurogamer: E3: Alan Wake Hands-On

What was probably most surprising about the latest, and most substantial, sighting of Alan Wake, shown at Microsoft's E3 briefing, was how fast-paced it all is. Rather than glumly wandering around in a cardigan, Wake's picking through the shattered ruins of a house, ducking falling trees and flying axes, and fighting whole legions of spectral hillbillies as well as the construction vehicles they've brought with them. Behind closed doors in the Microsoft booth, Eurogamer was given an extended viewing as a developer plays through an early part of the game, and the sensation remains the same.

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JokesOnYou3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Alan Wake was the best looking game and the most intruiging game of the show. Seriously that gameplay trailer was freaking sweet, the graphics were spectactular with amazing lighting -love the use of the fashlight, obviously its a very deep story going on, and the first paranormal thing or whatever coming out of the darkness was spooky fun, I was like "oh damm", man it was crazy and I like how the story telling and gameplay keeps it more in a realistic setting rather than just some guy shooting/running from monsters.


36T3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I hope this game turns out to be the horror/thriller it should be. So far so good. I loved the in game footage shown at E3. The game looks damn creepy with an awesome combat system. Considering Remedy took about five years to make this game i'm expecting the story and scares to be top notch. From the hands on impressions i have read to date, this will be a day one pick up for me. The world seems to be gigantic and the graphics look awesome!

Playing this game on a 52" HDTV with surround sound in a pitch black living room is something i'm really looking forward too.