Simon Furman Attending 2D Northern Ireland Comics Festival

Simon Furman is expected at the 2D Northern Ireland Comics Festival through June 5th-6th as a panelist. Fans will have a chance at meeting him during a book signing session on Saturday, June 6th.

Simon Furman is a popular comic book writer with The Transformers and StarCraft under his portfolio.

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Maticus3428d ago

I expect StarCraft popularity will soar once again with the approaching game.

Leord3428d ago

Bugger. It couldn't have been in England instead? :P

Dorjan3428d ago

Ireland is so close yet so far!! damn!

fossilfern3428d ago

Northern Ireland not Ireland :)

Recka3428d ago

hahaha well it's harder for me in Australia >.< oh well, should be good but

kharma453428d ago

He's coming to the town where I live :O

Might actually pop down to see what the craic is.

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