LittleBigPlanet PSP - E3 2009 HD trailer

Eurogamer Portugal published the E3 2009 trailer from LittleBigPlanet PSP.

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SL1M DADDY4499d ago

PSP, 5 years old and still getting some big love. This handheld seems to be getting better with age more than many thought it would. I remember the doom and gloom articles about the PSP and now look at it. nice title to help push more units.

ChampIDC4499d ago

Yeah, the PSP really looked in trouble a while back, but it's been getting so much love now. It's good to see it alive and kicking. I won't lie. I was a doubter before, but I'll be picking one up next week with Rock Band Unplugged.

Ben Laden4499d ago

Lbp is only good in offline co op with your friends. its pretty boring by yourself or even online, so he psp version isn't going to be great imo.

raztad4499d ago

Probably it will get adhoc functionality, as many psp titles. Munster Hunter is a big success on the psp because the ad hoc party gaming.

Btw, loving this. I'll get it for sure.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

It should show the PSP-Go to tho??? Strange that. A PSP-Go + LBP??? ;-P

Sarcasm4499d ago

I hate Eurogamer Portugal.

Takes forever to load any videos.

Arkham4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

So just use FF and "FlashGot" them. S'what I do.

edit: in this case, it *is* blocked. but you can grab the URL and open it in a browser window to download it.

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