THQ published the first gameplay trailer of Homefront

The upcoming title Homefront is officially announced by THQ, they also published the first gameplay trailer of the game.

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Blaze9293422d ago

yeah, can't really say I'm impressed by this...kinda speechless

morganfell3422d ago

Wow, John Milius wrote this? Was he drunk? Did he fall asleep while the Terminator Salvation trailer kept looping on his computer? This is about as generic as Matt Hazard.


yay, i am really excited...

Another generic/ average FPS military shooter to come and go like wind.

you know, i don't know if its just me, but i am sure at the beginning of this gen there were a lot more games that felt really cool and different with individuality.. slowly they have been confirmed as cancelled or just vanished and most seem to have been replaced with this sort of crap or the usual sequel of a sequel of a game that use to be good, but its getting dried out.

I love my FPS games, but the more i see games like this, the sadder it's starting to make me feel. shame.

i am still disappointed i didn't see anything on The Outsider. :-(

Andras843422d ago

Yeah, it will probably suck.

Anyways I'm kind of tired of all these post-apocaliptic shooters.

lh_swe3422d ago

Lets just say im not going to keep my hopes up for this one.

maverick11913422d ago

looks ok seen it all before nothing that makes me say WOW tbh

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