Wii beating PS3 2-to-1 in Japan

Nintendo has sold more than twice as many Wiis in Japan as Sony has sold PlayStation 3s, according to research firm Enterbrain, which owns Famitsu.

According to the figures, reported by Bloomberg, Nintendo had sold 1.95 million units up to 25th March, having launched in the region on 2nd December, while Sony had managed 812,000 between 11th November and 25th March.

Sony's official shipment figures for Asia up to the end of 31st December suggest it managed to put around that number into the region by the end of 2007, although that does include supplying countries in Asia other than Japan.

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nix4273d ago

there's more to the story... q:

kewlkat0074273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

They are comparing the TOP TWO GIANTS in JAPAN, and as we all know fanboy or not, the Xbox is not so great in Japan. I love my 360, but I know it will never be as popular over there, unless a miracle happens and developers start to make wacky games for it over there or something.

Why don't we wait and compare 360 to PS3 here in the US after a couple of months and see if Home Turf does make somewhat of a difference. Plus SONY and NINTENDO has been going at it over there long before Microsoft.
umm..PSone/two ring a bell.

When I hear the Xbox360 and japan, I think three things "they must of sold another", Cause for a celebration, Hooray for MS.

I just bought a Wii yesterday and I gotta say, I'am having fun playing the thing because its different. Come on..I was playing Video games with my 6 year old niece, never thought a day that would ever happen. Oh yeah she almost beat me in Bowling. By no means the Wii's hardware is revolutionary(no pun here).

I will start Zelda Tonight. So the Wii will satisfy most gamers, hopefully the right software and fun games come out. I can see why it sells well, besides the points mentioned below.

bigmack4273d ago

1. Ok its cheap - for kids
2. Its not next-gen - give it a year then its boring
3. Graphics suck ass - PS3 & 360 smokes them
4. The games - Mario,Zelda,MetroPrime,StarFox - You take away all those games from Nintendo,and the Wii is garbage without them.
5. Sooner or Later - There gonna realize that the PS3 & 360 is way better to play games with.

ITR4273d ago

1. It's only cheap because they kept out the DVD player and HD. Also all ages buy the Wii. I've sold more Wii's to folks in their 20-30's then to any small - large families.

2. If the Wiimote isn't next-gen then I don't know what is.

3. Give it 6-9 months then compare graphics. Most games now are just ports from the GC.

4. Take away most 1st party games from any console and it can turn to garbage rather quickly. If MS wouldn't have bought Bungie for Halo then the Xbox probably would have died. Take away 1st party exclusives on the PS3 and the console dies.

5. First convince parents they need a console with an HD player built in for $500-$600 bucks. Then tell them why it costs $10 bucks more to buy 360 and PS3 games over Wii games. Then you got the cost of Xbox Live. Not to mention load times from death.

ItsDubC4273d ago

#1 is a valid point in that a less-expensive console is more likely to sell more units. But implying that adults will buy a PS3 or 360 just because they can afford it while kids will buy a Wii is just unfounded. Of the adults I know who play videogames, more own a Wii. And do u think it's more likely for kids to buy their own consoles or have their parents buy it for them?

#2 makes no sense. How does being nextgen having anything to do w/ funfactor? It doesn't, and you know it. Sonic for the Genesis is far more fun than Sonic for the PS3 is. FAR more.

#3 is an obvious but valid point that the PS3 and 360 have better graphic performance. Saying the graphics "suck ass" however, is relative.

#4 basically translates to, "Even w/out their top 4 EXCLUSIVE game franchises, the 360 and PS3 still aren't garbage." No one is denying that ur a fanboy, but you're entitled to express your beliefs like anyone else.

#5 - another unfounded fanboyish statement.

lilwingman4273d ago

Is this news? I thought we all knew this has been happening since the beginning.

r10004273d ago

yea seriously... same stuff over and over...

I wonder what the ratio of Honda to BMW being sold is?

I'm pretty sure BMW is not worried

kamakazi4273d ago

OMG, the hell you say the Wii beating its competition? where have all the people on this site been that we need to hear this again? come on some serious news please

BubblesDAVERAGE4273d ago

Thats like saying mustangs sell better then porsches..

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