Agent Been In Development For Five Years?

TheSixthAxis asks whether Sony's E3 revealed exclusive, Agent, has been in development by Rockstar for at least five years.

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resistance1003426d ago

Well Sony annouced they were working with Rockstar on an exclusive franchise 2 year ago now

shingo3426d ago

and the hype begins, lolz.

i hope this doesn't get overhyped... it will surely be very impressive. ;D

lsujester3426d ago

Was this the title they meant when Sony said they were taking Rockstar "under their wings"?

darthv723426d ago

Is this that game la noir announced a couple years ago? Name change or a brand new game?

Sangria3426d ago

@1.3: I though that too, as it appears that the background seems very similar, but when PS.Blog announced they had an unannounced exclusive R* game, they said something like "and it's not L.A. Noire", which means that L.A. Noire and Agent are two distinct games.

mfwahwah3425d ago

Agent just got announced. LA Noire has been announced. It even has video.

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dragonyght3426d ago

if that was the case why they didnt show any footage of the game @ e3

resistance1003426d ago

If its made by Rockstar north, leeds etc then it's being made in the UK and we will see it at Leipzig in a couple of months time, Remember the focus of E3 is America

Tony999Montana3426d ago

What 2.1 said and there's also the fact that Rockstar tends to be very secretive of their important titles. I expect a trailer will be revealed later this year, but no gameplay.

Blaze9293426d ago

For a game in "development for five years" for sure Rockstar North would have released a trailer by now even WITH gameplay and this game probably wont come out until 2010-2011. Even games which were sure to be in development shorter times came out with trailers like Red Dead Redemption, Midnight Club LA, Max Payne at least has freaking character artwork done.

But for Agent, all there is is a logo.

hatchimatchi3426d ago

it's probably been on the back burner or in conceptual stages for a while. I really doubt they've been actively developing a game for 5 years. Something would have leaked

mfwahwah3425d ago

Look at how long it took that Last Guardian footage to get leaked...

kingOVsticks3426d ago

I hope to see some gameplay or atleast screenshots of this game before the end of the year.

cmrbe3426d ago

think at Sony is suppose to show evertyhing that E3?.

There are other important games festival out there people.

It was already hard enough for Sony to show everything within 2 hours at E3.

PirateThom3426d ago

Exactly, 2 hours and there's still stuff they didn't show like Ratchet and Clank or Heavy Rain or White Knight Chronicles or whatever. These games got brief mentions, but hardly any show time bar the montages.

Games Convention Leipzig is on August 19-23.

Penny Arcade Expo is September 4-6

And, of course, Tokyo Game Show September 24-27

E3 isn't the only game show and the above three are only the "big" ones until the end of the year.

vasilisk3426d ago

Wasn't Leipzig canceled this year? I think that there's one in Cologne instead of the one in Leipzig around August 20

Halo3 MLG Pro3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

So why even mention the game than? I wouldn't be surprised if Rockstar had some problems and didn't make it in time for e3. Rare is clearly working on a few games but you didn't see Microsoft just name the game and move on.

Fishy Fingers3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Why not. You point is like saying "Why did MS announce MGS:R when they didnt show anything?" or the new Halo title. Because they're big news thats why.

The double standards of the fanboys are ridiculous. Ok for "my" company to do it, but not "yours".

PirateThom3426d ago

I believe you are correct, and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are backing the new event.

Halo3 MLG Pro3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

What you talking about? They did show a teaser of both those games. What the hell you think that huge screen in the background is for? That's what E3 is. That's what builds excitement and interest and clearly Rockstar didn't do that.

Your statement made no sense dude.

IdleLeeSiuLung3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

MS showed MGS:R to prove a point i.e. the last large franchise is coming to the Xbox 360.

Sony on the other hand has a long history of hyping up games that aren't released for years. You had to wait almost 3 years for KillZone 2 albeit I'm very happy it met the high standards they set for themselves. Point being, I don't like hyping up games so far in advance and that is my biggest criticism of Sony. That is why I felt E3 showing was weak. the same pipe dream every year and I'm getting tired of it.

andron3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Sony and MS both showed off many games available soon. But they both also announced games without release dates, or much other than a CGI movie on show.

Splinter Cell Conviction and Alan Wake are also "guilty" of being announced years before they show any substantial.

E3 is about showing what they have and what is coming up. They can have done a lot of developing even if they don't have anything ready to show the public yet.

Sony learned their lesson from the KZ2 CGI "debacle", we'll see more soon enough...

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