VidZone coming 11 June to the PlayStation Store

PS3Hype writes: 'Today Mike Kebby (PlayStation Store Team Europe) has confirmed that we will be able to download VidZone on 11 June. If it's coming on this day to America is unknown at the moment. But in Europe people can download VidZone free on 11 June in the PlayStation Store'.

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B-Real2063425d ago

If I use my euro account can I download this to my ps3?

Why o why3425d ago

kinda like how us in europe cant get the video store from the states

Super-Brad3425d ago

Well I'm from EU and i have been on the video store on america as they use ads on the front of the store.
The only problem is that it don't show content once you click on a film or show.

Super-Brad3425d ago

This looks pretty cool, I watched all the previews so far and im looking forward to it.
The E3 trailer on PSN store is the best one of the product but why didn't they show it at E3, maybe they had to much to show :).