New E3 MAG footage shows lots of guns

VG247 Writes:
Sony PS3 exclusive, 256 player multiplayer, men in army clothing, and lots and lots of firepower: that's what MAG (Massive Action Game) promises to deliver, and judging by the footage below, it might just do that.

We should all be playing this sometime next year.

Check it out.

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GWAVE3424d ago

I thought MAG looked great (though I was bummed they didn't show off more gameplay).

To me, the part at the beginning where they showed all 256 players logging in was hilarious, as if they were saying "You said we couldn't do it? ya go"

OmarJA3424d ago

Looks great but what with the grenade throwing ? looks kinda funny...

Getting it day one, sorry MW2.

shazui1233424d ago

grenade throwing looks retarded :( rally loved it apart from that, hope they fix that up a bit, still looks interesting. Another great exclusive