Gran Turismo PSP Preview (PSP World)

The series has been so popular in fact, that when the Playstation Portable launched back in 2005, everybody thought it was a no-brainer that a miniature Gran Turismo game would launch alongside it. There was even a UMD printed with the GT logo to accompany early media photos of the PSP hardware. Yet, the game never materialized. Years passed, and our hope turned to bitter cynicism. What were the folks at Polyphony doing with all their free time, anyway?

Turns out that creator Kazunori Yamauchi wasn't just down at the pub -- he was actually working on an amazing portable entry in the Gran Turismo series.

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clinker3429d ago

I actually think this game was the biggest megaton of Sony's E3 conference. We already knew about TICO because of the leaked trailer, but this looks AMAZING.