Microsoft files Milo and Kate patent

VG247 Writes:
Microsoft has filed a patent for Peter Molyneux's Project Natal project, Milo and Kate.

The amazing E3 demonstration was believed to be a tech demo only, but Superannuation speculates this patent could mean Milo and Kate will indeed be a commercial product.

Time will tell.

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ShabzS3424d ago

pottential... deffinitely looking forward to this

green3424d ago

I taught it was just a tech demo, seems Microsoft is dead serious about this Milo and Natal stuff.

ShabzS3424d ago

yah its an actual game... they're using the unreal engine and milo is the kid and kates a dog... they're really going ahead with this

SL1M DADDY3424d ago

The next gen Seaman...

So now Sony will have people in their digital avatar form talking with other people in their avatar form at HOME and Microsoft will have people in their living rooms talking to digital AI...


AAACE53424d ago

The kid seems creepy, but I like unique stuff like this. It reminds me of Seaman for the Dreamcast. Plus my wife and kids liked it as well.

MS really shocked me! At first I was kind of unimpressed with their showing until they brought out the Natal videos.

Thugbot1873424d ago

Microsoft takes E3 very serious, and if they bring it out there you know that's what gamers can expect. Microsoft said it themselves they like to be on the conservative side tell you at the minimum what you can expect and try there hardest to over deliver.

Its two days after and I can’t wait till next year when this comes out. I will have it day one.

Richdad3424d ago

This much advancement in AI is too much for a game development studio. There might be some preprogramed sequences. Because only dynamic movement of an NGP with its own AI is some what impossible and it was infact said by BUngie that if that alone could be done it would be a breakthrough.
BUt Peter continued from there and the character even recognised a scanned photo that may be actual but some part would be sequence for sure. This is coming from a Xbox fan.

nnotdead3424d ago

the whole talking to AI can be done with the headset now. look at the part with handing the paper. the kid goes into the animation for the piece of paper before she hands him the paper. not to mention all the stuff the lady said, and Milo didnt respond to. it is like any rpg with dialogue trees. instead of clicking your chose of text you just speak it. the playing in water was eyetoyish. its just Molyneux over promising again.

ThanatosDMC3424d ago

Pedobear game alert.

Milo: "Stop! What are you doing!"

Milo: "No please dont!"

Thugbot1873424d ago


Clearly you don’t know your development teams. The creator Peter Molyneux's known for things like Black and White, Fable, all games that are remnant of the type of A.I. he showed with the character on the screen. No different then what he has been doing with games. Just because you can’t conceive of something in your mind or have reached you limits for thoughts, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist or can’t be done.

You can't get a patten on things you cannot show a working model for.

Richdad3423d ago

Maybe you are right than tha will be breakthrough for sure, MS has pushed it to the limits this time. This an Natl if totally true can do things beyond imagination.

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Tony P3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

I'll pass on talking to some virtual boy. Pedo jokes aside, I don't see the fun in doing Seaman with some kid. Errr Seaman was a similar type game on Dreamcast, hopefully making the previous sentence sound less wrong...

I was never impressed by the kid itself, but the tech seems amazing. I want to see it stretch beyond advanced applications of virtual pets.

Edit: ^^^And that goes for all this motion stuff. It does no good if it's not ambitious.

Godmars2903424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

No real indication that the character "evolves" in how they talk to you. The question in how good a "game" this is will depend on how it responds.

Not to mention that depending on follow up titles, we could very well be seeing the birth of Skynet.

AAACE53424d ago

You may not see the point, but casual gamers (Wii and DS owners) and some others might get a kick out of seeing how far technology has come.

resistance1003424d ago

Interesting, stilli wonder when we will see a release date for Eye Pet, since they are sort of simalar

olLANDSHARKlo3424d ago

Uh you need to stop playing video games and go hit the school books. Nice spelling.

Halo3 MLG Pro3424d ago

Just imagine something like this with Jessica Alba! :D

3424d ago
Godmars2903424d ago

What, they're going to smarten her up? Make her less frigid and more interesting when actually talking?

Rise Kujikawa3424d ago

Microsoft must be serious when getting all type of gamers. Casual, hardcore, and now they want pedo gamers?

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