Why we should get excited about DirectX 11

AMD's Richard Huddy: "As an admitted gaming technology geek, it's hard not to get excited about the advancements in game technology. As many of you know, DirectX 11 is just around the corner, offering a dazzling array of new toys for game developers and people like me to play with. But as excited as the developer in me is about DirectX 11, I'm even more excited as a gamer, and you should be too. That's because DirectX 11, in combination with new graphics hardware, and in some cases Windows 7, brings significant changes to the computing experience, changes that mean upcoming games and other applications are about to get a lot better. Let me explain how."

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Kakkoii3428d ago

It was a very nice read. DirectX 11 is going to be great!

But it's hilarious how much AMD employees stroke themselves and their company. It's like hearing a new report from North Korea. Ignoring the outside world and acting like your the best thing in the world. It's hilarious.

moses3428d ago

They also make very good, and very advanced products. Both Nvidia and Amd/Ati are great companies.

zagibu3427d ago

Do you remember the claims that were made for DX10? MS said it would be 8 times faster at the same graphics quality than DX9. It is not even twice as fast as DX9.

Microsoft is a marketing company. Never believe ANYTHING they say about their own products. I'll believe in DX11's prowess when I see it running on my machine.

Kakkoii3427d ago

Well that's your opinion. But the main reason for Microsoft marketting DX10 so much was because it was tied in with Windows Vista. So they had to do everything they could to market it. Now when it comes to DX11, they don't need to so much for Windows 7, since it works on Vista and 7.

I've also personally looked at the spec sheet for DX11 and I can say with complete confidence that it will bring much better performance and more awesome games for developers that utilize it. The general computing on shader's support alone is a major and great improvement because it can be used for so much.

zagibu3424d ago

Wow, you have personally looked at the spec sheet. Very convincing. And you try to weaken my argument by calling it opinion?

Actually, Microsoft has to get it right this time. Another hyped and non-delivering DX version and many developers will start to look at alternatives, if they haven't begun already.

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Vip3r3428d ago

I wonder if this will flop as much as DX10 did.

steve30x3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

If DX10 didnt flop then why is 90% of games released since DX10 came out DX9 only? Because DX10 was a flop thats why.

Godmars2903427d ago

Think it has more to do with it being Vista-specific instead of being a Windows in general program.

Vista flops, DX10 flops.

PS360WII3428d ago

We should get excited about DirectX 11 because a whole 2 developers may use it... or not... well maybe 3 actually 1.. hmm wait

SpoonyRedMage3428d ago

Well DirectX is what's used in the Xboxs right? I thought that was where they got they got their names...?

PS360WII3428d ago

Well DirectX 10 isn't used on the consoles I don't believe but is used with the PC versions of consoles games.

but in the end I'm not sure

steve30x3428d ago

DirectX is out before the XBox was even a thought in M$'s mind.

Raf1k13428d ago

Yep, DirectX has been around for ages.

If I remember right, I think around the time that Half-Life was released for PC it was DirectX 6 that was being used. Not sure though but kinda shows you its been around for ages.

Kakkoii3427d ago

Yes, the Xbox has a DirectX capable GPU. But it's only DirectX 9 capable, and shader model 3.0 capable.

So users will have to wait for the next generation Xbox if they want DX 11 on their console.

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St03428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I'll get excited when a new console comes out with Dx11, 12 or 13, not when i have to buy a £1000 GFX card, then another £5000,0000 for the CPU. Oh wait! then there's the mobo and RAM, so slam another £1232,000 on top of that!

Raf1k13427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Nothing quite like blowing things out of proportion eh?

Go back to sleep cos thats where your whacky thoughts and dreams belong

Kakkoii3427d ago

Oh look, another ignorant fanboy!

You don't seem to understand how PC gaming works. You don't have to upgrade every year or so. That's only if you want to play with better graphics than you already do.

Let's say I have a computer that runs games around the same quality as your Xbox 360. Then I can treat my computer just like you do your console. I don't have to upgrade my parts, just like you don't have to on your console, there's no freaking difference or reason I would have to if you don't have to. I only upgrade parts if I want to play at even higher graphics quality. Something YOU can't do with your console.

And upgrading hardly cost's much at all. First, CPU's and motherboards last you a lot longer, so you don't need to upgrade those when you want to upgrade your GPU. A good $200 Quad core Q6600 and a nice $120 motherboard will last you for a hell of a long time. It's the GPU that matters most these days. A nice $170 will get you a GTX 260. The second most powerful single GPU from Nvidia. With this setup, you playing games at way f*cking higher quality than the consoles are capable of. And for not much more money really.

You then have to take into consideration that you pay money to play online on your 360, while PC users don't, so that's a ton of money saved over time. And there's all the extra little crap Microsoft wants you to buy for your 360. It all add's up over time.

It's nice knowing you have your own custom gaming rig that can plow through games with amazing graphics, of which console gamers have to wait for a new console for. It's about being able to have a CHOICE.

kaveti66163427d ago

Thank You. The other day I had an argument with a bunch of PS3 fanboys who said that I couldn't build a 600 dollar PC rig that would be more powerful than a PS3.

They all think the PS3 is some kind of god machine. Although I like the PS3 very much, like all consoles it has severe limitations.

hakis863428d ago

That was a lot of wrapped-in PR. =P
But DX is good, progress is excellent! PC's get updated all the time, do you guys think next gen consoles will support DX11? (Well, except for Nintendo)

Kakkoii3427d ago

Nah, the PS3 doesn't use DirectX. Even though it's GPU would have been capable of it, as it was based on the Nvidia Geforce 7800. Since DirectX is a Microsoft framework, I believe their would be some legal issues.

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