AMD Videos showing off DirectX 11

With the recent showing at Computex of AMD's next generation DirectX 11 GPU. AMD has released 3 videos showing off and discussing DirectX 11 and their GPU's.

AMD's Tradition of DirectX Hardware Innovation: Are you ready for what's next?
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Game developers discuss the benefits of DirectX 11:
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AMD demonstrates tessellation on the worlds first DirectX 11 graphics processor:
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Poor quality videos of AMD demonstration at Computex here.
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f4nb0i3429d ago

Second vids funny when the guys are obviously reading from material provided by amd.

free2game3653428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Yeah, none of these developers are going to actually support DX11. None of them even support DX10 sans the people who did Battleforge. Rebellion especially just do straight console sports for all of their games and AVP3 obviously doesn't support DX10.

Kakkoii3428d ago

Because DX10 didn't bring a whole lot more useful stuff that DX9 didn't already have. Most of the time DX10 wasn't needed. But DX11 brings numerous improvements that will be very useful for developers, making them want to use it. Much better support for multiple core CPU's, more efficient use of GPU's, support for going general computing on GPU's, and tessellation. These are all improvements that will make a huge impact on what developers will be able to do with their games.

Tsar4ever013429d ago

This is the reason MICROSOFT NEXTBOX probably gonna rule the next gen of consoles. That crappy low level API the PS3 using (OPEN GL ES) haven'nt been serving the Ps3's GPU's this gen. And game devolopers prefer DX over openGL ith the sole exception of John Carmack.

ef-u-23428d ago

Remember were x-box got its name directX-box look it up, and all ms products Widows and X-box always support directX what your seeing is the how the next xbox and pc games will look