Final Fantasy 14 - First direct-feed screenshots

The unveiling of Final Fantasy 14 at yesterday's Sony press conference has been a surprise. Today, Square Enix has released the first direct-feed screens from Final Fantasy XIV Online.

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Vicophine3426d ago

Console exclusive to Playstation 3.

Doppy3426d ago

Finally. The MMO's have been taking forever. I guess it's safe to say 2010 is the year of the console MMO.

Also Champions Online for 360, Agency and DC Universe for PS3. And most of all I want to see what NCSoft has been making in their deal with Sony hopefully Blade and Soul for PS3 not just PC is one of them, because that game looks sick.

I'm glad to see a male lead (even though it's an MMO) in Final Fantasy that's not a chick with a little too testosterone. He has a really unique look especially for a JRPG well JMMO. I guess that's square trying to become more Westernized even though he looks more European which I guess is still to the west of Japan unless you travel east ;)

Godmars2903426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

An MMO game is going to look exactly like that...

May there be good reason for it t be console exclusive you mean.

Blaze9293426d ago

I see what you did there.

Alvadr3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

OK they said its online. Is it deffinatly an MMO? I havent read anything from SE saying MMO.

Edit.. Yep found something. It is an MMO. Damn! I just dont have the time to sink 1000s of hours into an MMO. A shame really :(

Great for MMO fans though

Edit 2.. Well not a shame, still have FFXIII to look forward to. Mixed emotions lol

Crystallis3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Im so excited about FFXIV. I can only imagine the issues they had with FFXI will be addressed and fixed in XIV.

Godmars2903426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Not like FFXI doesn't have its problems. The PC version especially is a pain.

Pretty sure he's talking about the 2 hours it takes to make a character.

Forget that, aside from BC PS3 can play the PS2 version, Square is - finally - porting the game to the PS3. Which sort of makes FFXIV coming out more surprising. That Square would waste resources on the FFXI port.

pumpkinpunker3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

"Im so excited about FFXIV. I can only imagine the issues they had with FFXI will be addressed and fixed in XIV. "

What issues? you mean how it sucks? No one gave a crap about FF XI because it's on the 360 and not the PS3. It also is a pretty mediocre MMO. All of a sudden a FF MMO is a big deal because it's a PS3 exclusive. ROTFLcopter. Do Sony fanboys have ANY shame? I mean, one little ounce?

Thanks, I'll stick to WOW.

Monkey5213426d ago

Why are you trying to turn this into a fanboy war? If you read his comment, he was hoping for Square to fix the problems from FF XI...... Stop being an idiot.

Gun_Senshi3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

ffxi was mainly on PC and PS2 and while playing it people made fun of x360 owners playing it.

Proof I played it

ultimolu3426d ago

Sweet Jesus pumpkin...what the hell's wrong with you?
*shakes head*

Anyways, I never really played a MMO so I'm looking forward to this. It's about time Square stopped ignoring the PS3.

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Gun_Senshi3426d ago

I loved FFXI. I will buy this 1st day. I hope they fix balanced that was removed in FFXI after ToAU expansion..

bob saget remix3426d ago

Just to see what its like. Im not an mmo fan

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