Ve3tro: E3:09 Alan Wake Impressions

Ve3tro writes: "Oh Alan Wake, "I won't believe this game really exists until I pop it into my Xbox 360? is a sentiment many of us felt regarding the title prior to E3. After spending some time today with Remedy's Jay Ranki and Sam Lake who are the game's producer and lead writer respectively, I cannot help but be extremely excited for this title.

Even in the brief 20 minute demo which consisted of the E3 demo and a few minutes beyond, the game was able to give the player an easy understanding of the intense, suspense-filled psychological thriller they are engaging in."

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GWAVE3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

I really wish I could play this game, because the on-stage demonstration was quite lacking. I didn't see a single thing that set Alan Wake apart from Alone in the Dark, Condemned, or the previous Max Payne games.

Now, I still have faith that this game could be sweet, but I simply didn't see the awesomeness that so many people were hyping this game for at E3 this year.

And you can label me a fanboy, but how many people are saying "Microsoft stole the show because of Alan Wake!!!"? Nobody. This was my MOST anticipated game from Microsoft's show this year, and it was a let-down.

timmyrulz3427d ago

its easy to say it wasnt as impressive as you would have anticipated but until your actually hardwired into the atmosphere of the game then all judgements should be reserved,

Foxgod3427d ago

Youre a fanboy, what you say doesnt make sense, and you full of bs, everybody was gawking at all the games they had to offer, including alan wake.

Rockox3427d ago

I must admit, while watching the Alan Wake demo, I couldn't help but think of Alone in the Dark. I personally wasn't let down, mostly because we could finally see the game in action. I'm hoping the game's excellence will shine in its subtleties, and perhaps for E3 they decided an action sequence was better suited for their presentation.

Alan Wake is a day-one purchase for me, good or bad, and I'm confident it'll be an entertaining game.