Waters: "Impossible" for Last Guardian to live up to "BBC game" hype

VG247: BBC tech journalist Darren Waters admitted to VG247 this morning that his secret "BBC game" is The Last Guardian, previously known as Project TRICO, saying it was now "impossible" for the title to satisfy expectations.

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LightofDarkness3427d ago

This is Fumito Ueda we're talking about. He won't live up to the expectations. He will obliterate them.

Vicodin3427d ago

Yep, sorry Darren. It already has.

GWAVE3427d ago

Remeber that one time...yeah...that one time when they said this about MGS4? Anyone else remember that? Anyone remember that one time when they said this about God of War III? Anyone remember when they said this about Gran Turismo 5? Little Big Planet? Killzone 2? guys remember that one time?

cmrbe3427d ago

say that TLG is not what he expected but what he is saying is there has been immense hype due to his tease that he thinks it will be impossible for TLG too live up to it.

However Ueda will smash everyone's high expectation just like Kojima.

SL1M DADDY3427d ago

This game will satisfy the fans and hopefully bring in some new folks to the fanbase.

Biphter3427d ago

I guessed this in a newer news thread, just hadn't got to this article until now (I read N4G every day, newest posts first then stop when I recognise a story).

For me, this was the show stopper of E3. I can't beleive its mostly being overshadowed by nearly everything else. It might not look graphically as stunning as UC2 and the like, but its the physics that amazed me. Everything moves so realistically its too uncanny. It looks like Wind is especially simulated with extreme accuracy, look at how the Griffin Guardians feathers move for a clue.

I think for this game we need a new peripheral that can enable us to feel the weather effects, you can almost feel it just watching!!

callahan093427d ago

I disagree with Mr. Waters now, but I agree with him from when he made his original statement. The Last Guardian trailer blew me away. Such insane detail, such amazing animation, just stunningly gorgeous and endearing to boot. The gameplay footage looks fun and in the same spirit as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. This is easily my most anticipated game, and my Game of the Show for E3 2009, just purely on the basis of that teaser trailer. It not only lives up the expectations set out by Mr. Waters' statements, it exceeds them.

ThanatosDMC3427d ago

The movement of the boy was like in the movie Spirited Away. Was he cel-shaded?

I was surprised at how different this game looks compared to anything else on the PS3.

All-33427d ago

It looks like clever CGI or pre-rendered footage with an animation-styled character rendered into it. With all that detail in everything surrounding the playable character... it doesn't seem like he's actually touching anything. His body seems to gloss over anything it is supposed to be touching.

mfwahwah3427d ago


Don't use games that haven't been released as examples. Makes you look stupid.

And you left yourself open for:

"Rememberb that one time... when they said this about Lair? yeah...."

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TOO PAWNED3427d ago

MS and Nintendo did better job than SOny, sonys press conferece was meh. They had a chance to win and they didn't.
No price cut, expensive PSP(pass but i wanted it, not for 250!!!), FF14 online (whatever who cares), most of the games are for next year or even 2011 (looking at you last guardian), no new PSN games, super lame press conference.
Only good thing was that MGS for PSP, rest, at least for me is PASS.
O and Uncharted 2 was awesome and GOW3 but guess what that is also 2010.
Next year the year of PS3, push it another year, like always, until MS releases new console.

Montreafart3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Those bitter tears taste soo good bot. Around the web, word is spreading fast that Sony PWNED E3. Meanwhile, you are here trying (and failing hard) to convince us how Sony's E3 flopped...well it aint working bot. Not even your hardcore xbot butt buddies are believing you right now. In fact, their faith is hinging on an edge. Many xbot posters I saw yesterday were saying they are going to switch to PS3.

Hahaha fking owned.

360s days are done. There strategy of buying games arent working anymore and they can only buy DLC timed exclusivity now.

Hahaha thats soo fking sad, people see right through it.

MGS:R confirmed for PS3
Lost planet 2 confirmed for PS3 (you were saying, stupid bot?)
Dead Rising 2 confirmed for PS3
I have a hunch that by the end of this E3 we might hear something about Mass effect 2.

And if not ME2, then definitely Mass effect 3. Because we all know, 3rd games exclusivity are going the way of the dodo. Thats why I have no doubt. If not Gears 3, then it will be gears 4. If not L4D2 then L4D4. And you know what? The longer it waits, the harder the MEGATON announcement will come. The harder your filth will get smacked around. When it comes, you bots will be crying so hard, the whole internet will be LAUGHING hahaha.

Hahaha 3rd party exclusives are dead and done, kid. 3 years ago when 360 started, they had no other franchise other than Halo. Thats why PS3 couldnt steal a thing from xbox 360. But now? With titles like Lost planet, Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden which all saw its birth on the XBOX platform, its clear to anyone who is not a retard, that all 360 games will come to PS3 sooner or later.

Im just waiting for that day to happen. Blue Dragon is already going the DS way. Lost Oddysey 2 for PS3!?

But Uncharted, God of war, Gran Turismo, MAG and many many more WILL ALWAYS BE Playstation EXCLUSIVE. Best part is, MS cant touch any of these. FKING OWNED.

TOO PAWNED3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Dude, everyone knows i am PS3 fan, check my past comments, my bio, my username for God sake. But that doesn't mean i am not objective. Not going to read your wall of a comment so i don't know what you are saying but i stand by what i said. Sony conference was the worst one.

TOO PAWNED3427d ago

BTW every single podcast around the web will tell you that MS had best show. Go check bombcast o listen up

GrieverSoul3427d ago

It sure hyped me!!!

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE in the world that played ICO and Shadow of the Colossus arent hyped about this game?! From past experiences from the other 2 titles Ueda forged, this game will be worth a PS3 if dont already own one!

allforcalisto3427d ago

i hate reporting like this. its just lame

foozen3427d ago

I agree with you Darren Waters has not helped anyone. Don't even know why Sony showed this guy anything he appears to said a lot about The Last Guardian which is going to for the short term anyway hurt the game.

The game by the way will be awesome if its anything like the last two. Any release date news??? Can't wait!!!!

Redlight3427d ago

So he's disappointed that the game will never be able to live up to the ridiculous hype that he created.


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