Assassin´s Creed 2 For PS3 To Feature Exclusive Content

Following the exclusive gameplay footage at Sony´s E3 2009 media briefing Patrice Desilets of Ubisoft Montreal announced that certain content of the PSP version, Assassin´s Creed: Bloodlines, will be transferable over to the PS3 version of Assassin´s Creed II. The content includes six new weapons which you can unlock by completing certain objectives in Assassin´s Creed: Bloodlines.

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Cajun Chicken3423d ago

Sneaky way of doing DLC, at least this time there's an actual reason why the DLC can only be accessed on a certain system, a real boundary and not just contracts and cash.

PeterPanParadox3423d ago

Definitely a clever way to raise revenue. I need to buy myself a PSP now. :)

locos853422d ago

AC for the PSP better be just as good.

Saigon3422d ago

it is a clever way of just earning is a clever way to do DLC...only negative is that you have to buy both games...

Darrius Cole3422d ago

You have to be for both games with console based DLC. The original game costs $60 and then they find a way to sell us $20 to $30 of download content. Sometimes they do it with one big block sometimes they nickel and dime us is 5 or 6 $5 blocks, either way it costs us the same.

I they go the PSP way we should get more utility. You get a PSP game and downloadable content.

Blaze9293422d ago

They'll just make this content availible on the xbox 360 by linking your gamertag to those Ubisoft accounts Ubi loves to do so much. No doubt the stuff will be already on the disc anyway.

Game13a13y3422d ago

lol, keep telling yourself that if it helps you to sleep better at night. this content is only available via the PSP as the dev has said it themselves to give people incentives to buy the PSP version. why the heck would they take that selling point away from their own game?

The Matrix3422d ago

Really tired of exclusive features in games for multiplatform. Really freaking tired.

Gamertags3422d ago

The 360 version will as well! That is generally how it works.

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ZuperAmazingCooKie3422d ago

Maybe Microsoft should make the 360 PSP compatible, at least that would be a whole lot better than facebook and twitter integration which PS3 had almost 3 years ago.

Where the hell is Zune HD anyway?

Vicophine3422d ago

"Where the hell is Zune HD anyway?"

Answer: Getting it's ass handed to it by the iPod.

Chuk_Chuk3422d ago

i knew there some sort reason why AC2 was demoed at sony conference

Sonyslave33422d ago

lol just like psp getting it's ass handed to it by DS and DSi.

TheColbertinator3422d ago

Assassins Creed 2 will be a big hit.


you must be a fkn kid. only fkn little kids and retarded adults would ever buy the ds or dsi .

ThatCanadianGuy3422d ago

I was seriously impressed with the demonstration of AC2.
It looks like they improved upon everything that was good, and fixed all the cons.

Day one for me !

36T3422d ago

With all the "day one" buys i've seen from you so far, you`re gonna be a broke ass mf. Imagine the money it would take to buy all the best games coming to both consoles (PS3,X360) and the time to finish them all. IMO a few great games are gonna suffer in the sales department.

Sarcasm3422d ago

Day ones for me:

ModNation Racers
MGS: Rising on PS3
MGS: Peace Walker
The Last Guardian
Uncharted 2
Splinter Cell Conviction
Forza 3
Modern Warfare 2
Gran Turismo PSP

I'm going to be a broke MF.

IdleLeeSiuLung3422d ago

... and potentially a very lonely guy/gal for a while.

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