Sony reveals PSP Go! price and release date, but what will UK pay?

Announced by Sony president Jack Tretton as "the worst kept secret of E3", the PSP Go! was officially revealed and given a price point and release date.

Pocket Gamer looks at the figures offered by Tretton ($250 in the US, 250 Euros in Europe), and asks what UK can expect to pay.

Considering the £65 difference is currency conversions between the two figures given out by Tretton, will Sony keep things simple and ask the UK consumer to pay £250?

It's not unlikely, and once again the Golden Island could be used to fill the fat cat's coffers.

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Cajun Chicken3477d ago

I hope not. I'd really like one of these a few months after release.

SL1M DADDY3477d ago

With the way exchange rates are and the fact that Sony has to jump through so many legal hoops just to get their product to the floor at your local retailer, you can ecxpect a hike in price for the UK. Hopefully it won't be too big but remember the differences in price the UK was paying for the PS3 when compared to the rest of the world and I suspect it will be in that percentage range.

anh_duong3477d ago

too expensive.. can't understand why sony are charging so much for something that probably cost as much as the psp to manufacture..

however, the original psp is still cheaper and available so there are other ways of owning a psp.

Blaze9293477d ago

I don't think much of Europe will be interested in the PSP Go! anyway; at not least until SCEE gets their act straight and gets PSN cards over there. Plus why buy a expensive device in the UK where games have to be bought and downloaded from the PSP store when there are cheaper, easier PSP models.

Baliw3477d ago

Who do you think is saving the companies from global crisis?

Europe and OUR euro is paying the expenses of overseas price cuts.

Also i think Kaz Kirai told the price in de SCE conference yesterday; 249€


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Hydrolex3477d ago

Just buy it from Ebay, america and you'll save money ! Easy Cheezy

Hobgoblin3477d ago

Hmmm, good point. I wonder if it's going to be region locked? If not, it's imports all the way. But knowing Sony, they'll have thought of this and made them region specific.

silvacrest3477d ago

i dont no if that was a joke but i have used ebay for 5 years, the one time i felt cheated i got my money back pretty fast

from my experience, importing takes ages to arrive but if it means a cheaper psp go for me then its worth it

theEnemy3477d ago

only a joke man,

but some people do get scammed w/o getting any refund.

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ionicmoose3477d ago

Even just converting Euro to GBP means you end up with almost the price of a PS3. This should have been put in around the £150 mark maximum

Hobgoblin3477d ago

That'd be the absolute maximum, I'd say. Whether you like the redesign or not (and I don't mind it to be honest) this is a reduced function PSP. It's a hardware downgrade, not an upgrade.

Now, if it was sub-£100 (and ideally nearer £70), this would make a great budget console that'd go down a storm. What Sony's obviously failed to realise is that selling the Go! cheaper would mean it could make a lot of money from the extra customers coming to the PlayStation Store - as Gillette discovered in the 50s, "Give away the razors to sell the blades".

Charging a lot more for less? Yep, that sounds like Sony. Big mistake.

anh_duong3477d ago

no it is not reduced since it has 16gb flash memory which isn't cheap. check how much a 16gb memory card cost. it also has bluetooth which would be good for online gaming and general music listening.

it is comparable but not less.

Reefskye3477d ago

i already have a PSP and they will still support the normal PSP aswell as the PSP go.. my psp cost £80 and i bought a 4 gig memory card for £12.. oh its not 16gb but i can just store all the games i dont want on my ps3.. UMD are still going to be made aswell so i can still buy them.. PSP go is just an updated version of the normal PSP.. support for both continues

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