Real employees tell their real stories - the good, the bad and the unbelievably horrific

Videogame store employees. They have to have the easiest job on the planet, right? Play videogames, sell videogames, buy videogames, organize videogames, stand around and talk about videogames. They spend their entire day goofing off and hanging around the very things they love. Seriously, how hard can it be?

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nanometric4270d ago

There goes my carrier dream! :D

TheSkipper4270d ago

The article was a great read through. :~)

Pugovitz4270d ago

I actually work in the music/movie department of B&N, but that article hit so close to home (plus my g/f works at a GS now). I guess all retail stores are like that. Customers never know what they want, are assholes to you when you can't find it, and the DM is an ass.