Gran Turismo 5 probably to be release this holiday

Since the newest E3 trailer didn't show any date, I guess many people, including me, were let down. But this could actually mean it is MUCH closer to a release than we thought. And, I guess, Sony needed some ammo left for either GC Cologne or TGS.

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Hydrolex3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Uncharted 2
Mafia 2
Heavy Rain

6 x $65 ( tax )= $390 !!!!

I feel like a NERDDDDDDDD

I also want the PSP GO !

SL1M DADDY3425d ago

Released this year or not, I am just glad that the preview for GT5 didn't have the cars doing some silly burnout ballet...

gamesmaster3425d ago

GT is huge in Europe, and the Japanese are very proud people, so i'd expect them to give us a release date at TGS or cologne.

Hydrolex3425d ago

sh!tty lineup !
The console breaks and it takes like a month or something to get it fixed !

then it breaks again

overall : Not so much money spending, not so much time playing video games = success at school

talltony3425d ago

Seriously microsoft got some great games coming as well as sony.

Ichiryoka3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Edit: And for the slow people...Look at the sign.

Chuk_Chuk3425d ago

very good spot their. bubbles

hope its true

SuperM3425d ago

nice dude, hope thats a sign. And yea i think sony might be saving something for later this year. If it is GT5 for 09 or something else i dont know. But if GT5 release this holiday along with PS3 slim.... BAM!

ReservoirDog3163425d ago

God, I think you might be the only person that caught that. Good eye

CSM-101e3425d ago

there's all types of rally races in Toscana every year

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Vistrix3425d ago

Why on earth would that be the case?? The logic is terrible...

They didnt show the date because people are sick of waiting so long for it to come. The focus was on GT for the PSP.

I would love to be wrong however but it seems silly to suggest this.

Vistrix3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

You mean 2 small paragraphs and a quote that no one else has reported?

They've been quoted before as saying "trying to get it out this year" (Christmas 09, straight from a SCEE rep), they later denied it was set in stone.

Of course they're trying to get it out this year. It would be a miracle if they did.

TheWretched3425d ago

Yes, this is N4G... it IS for news nobody else YET reported on! For gods sake^^

Vistrix3425d ago

What...? Are you talking about the 360 here?

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