Sony E3 Breakdown and things SCEA did not mention

Yesterday Sony announced a fistful of PS3 exclusives including the new PSP Go! Some of the PS3 exclusive was unexpected (Final Fantasy XIV). But there are certain things that also cleared out the rumors.
-The PS3 Slim
-Price Cut on the PS3

And we have yet heard anything Hideo Kojima about his secret.
He did announce the Metal Gear : Peace Walker.
Kojima also introduce on Konami's website "MASK"
(Which might be announced later on today by Konami)

Since there is no price cut on the PS3 and no slim PS3 announced, Sony did make it up by giving PS3 owners a bunch exclusives.
Did Sony satisfy us?
Well, lets just hope they have something else under their sleeves for later on today!

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Jdoki3427d ago

On his Twitter account Jaffe said the following:

"bailing on 3 day E3 plans. If I go, it'll be 1 day. 2 much work+I'm really digging getting all the great E3 info from the comfort of home :)"

Doesn't look like he was going to be announcing anything.

butterfinger3427d ago

said that his game won't be revealed at E3 this year, but maybe next year instead.

locos853427d ago

Yamauchi: "We're making efforts so that it's not going to exceed 1 GB. Otherwise, people are just going to fall asleep and drop dead while downloading."


GameGambits3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

The one thing I wish Sony could've given us is a release date for White Knight Chronicles already for USA and Europe! It's been too dam long and if they wait much longer any news media/hype this game had built up is going to get washed out and lost.

It needs to release June or July, because if you wait till Fall '09 you are screwed to make bigger profits due to the onslaught of games starting like Uncharted 2.

Edit: OH! AND WTF NO CROSS GAME CHAT?!!?!?! Seriously a big finger at us PS3 owners who have been asking for this since day 1. There is NO way it should take years to impliment this feature and I for one am fed up with it. The reason I'm p*ssed is, because to talk to friends online at once I have to turn on my Xbox 360 for party chat and the dam thing heats my room an extra 300 degrees so that I sweat like a fat kid at fat camp. As big as Sony was this year they really screwed the pooch to improve PSN more to get it towards catching up to Xbox Live's social networking features.

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robotnik3427d ago

There's no point fighting now, we won :) (we already won in 2006)

Montreafart3427d ago

Ranging from "MS stole MGS haha" to "Sony is dead now, MS won E3"

How stupid that now sounds. Bots celebrated prematurely again and got smacked down like a fly being squashed by a racket.

As for the topic, PS3 price cut is irrelevant for those who already own a PS3. So yes, its unimportant.

Whats important are the triple A exclusives I know Ill be getting this year and the megaton announcements.

There were four horsemen on the Playstation 1 and 2.
Seems like they have all returned, one way or another.

New Metal gear
New Final fantasy
New Rockstar game
And GT5

talltony3427d ago

Seem to be very hesitant to say anything to really diss sony now even though that they keep lying to themselves by saying microsoft won E3.
I think the bots are really impressed with God of war 3 and Uncharted 2 which is why they are not saying things like splinter cell this and alan wake that. The lack of those kinds of comments going around just tells me that they were genuinly impressed with sony's E3 conference.

jay23427d ago

Sony should have shown Milo on pet (AKA EyePet.)

solidt123427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

They had more important things to show but the eyepet was in one of the Montages if you were looking. I rather they spend that time on the ModNation Racer game. My son lost it when he saw that.

butterfinger3427d ago

that Sony DID show us The Last Guardian. I am so ready for a new Team Ico game!

KingItachi3427d ago

How many times did Sony say no ps3 price cut, I liked what they showed at their conference.

supersonicsaga3427d ago

through this Christmas with it's high price point and drop in the spring.

I think this because the psp Go is priced highly, they aren't thinking about dropping their ps3 price.

It would make sense to have a price drop before the holiday season. But hey I'm not Sony and I don't have any stock with their company.

Just keep churning out games.

SL1M DADDY3427d ago

Why would they cut the price? I say they will wait it out until the holiday season as well.

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