E3 2009: Metal Gear Solid PSN Hands-on

IGN's Greg Miller came across a nice surprise while testing Sony's new PSPGo.

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windmill1453423d ago

They will probably announce it then release it tomorrow(like FFVll) at the Konami press conference.

40cal3423d ago

I picked up FFVII yesterday along with Advent Children, I will be getting MGS as soon as it hits the store front.

Funny this is that I own both of these games on disc, but I have to have them on my PSP.

Carl14123423d ago

wish they would hurry up and bring it to Europe to. I have the disc in black label but wouldn't hesitate to grab it from the PSN

cryymoar3423d ago

yeah What if i have the game on disc already?
I just bought the Metal gear Essentials collection the other day, do i really have to buy it again just to take it with me? it's the same game and I own it.
I wonder if a phone call to Sony will give me the credit for it in my wallet so i can buy it :]]

qface643423d ago

i would have downloaded it if i didn't already have if from the collection and twin snakes too

but you know this game is coming on PSN a big ps1 tittle like this im wondering why its not on there yet
the guy up there is right probably tomorrow

stumbleine3423d ago

I REALLY hope this means they are going to port a whole load of ps1 classics from the jap psn store - I NEED SOME XENOGEARS!

pwnsause3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

didnt they say that they are going to bring at least 50 PS1 games this year. BTW playing FFVII on the PSP is awesome, but i need more memory. im going to have to get a PSP go.

PirateThom3423d ago

Just buy a memory stick, it's a lot cheaper.

pwnsause3423d ago

nah, i was thinking of giving my PSP-1000 to my brother since the release of the 3000 model, but now that the PSP go is confirmed and coming to stores soon, im down to get one.

Darrius Cole3423d ago

Won't you forfeit you disc-based games if you switch to the PSP-Go?

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theEnemy3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Colonel, do you read me?


wazzim3423d ago

Yeah, I do Snake....What's up? It's been a while isn't it?

locos853423d ago

I seriously don't remember how I ended up playing this game. I think I was like 12 years old

Struz3423d ago

Loud and clear snake. What's the situation?

hay3423d ago

Lol, I can't rid the Metal Gear Fiesta out of my mind when I see you guys...

X3423d ago

Looks like the elevator in the back is the only way up

ShabzS3423d ago

otacon : snake do u read ... i just came back from the lab... the prototype suits are missing ... someone has the invisibility suits... there were 4 of em ... they're gone!!...

*snakes elevator slows down*

Otacon: snake the elevator ur moving in shows that its reached its maximum weight limit!!

Snake: its only me in here

Otacon: the overwieght button is maximum .. snake They Are IN THERE WITH YOU !!

! ! ! !

Carl14123423d ago

^ Gotta love Otacon's face when he says that. I've completed it countless times and i still laugh every time i see it.

bujasem_893423d ago

''a FOX is more dangerous than a jackle... fighting was the only thing ... the only thing i was good at... take care snake ''FOOOOOOOOOOOOOX''just epic zanzabar just love saying it im definitely getting it i remember when i was 11 i finished it like seven times i think if i remember correctly there was a day where i finished it twice on one same day i mean u put a camo and infinite bullets in a kids hand u get a lunatick lol

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eagle213423d ago

I'm trying to find pre-order retailers early. I know it will sell out this October-Dec. fast. People will be buying dozens to sell on ebay for 100% more; which will piss me off. :)

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