Awkward Interview with Fatal1ty at E3 says: "PG: So, in spite of all of your amazing achievements, it seems like people in the gaming industry – both players and professionals alike – think that you're a douchebag. How do you feel about that?
F: I don't uh – I think that's totally uh, bullcrap. Huh huh.
. . ."

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iseven3427d ago

incredibly awkward....ouch. that was hard to watch at the end.

solidxz3427d ago

Agreed...what a douche.

Gun_Senshi3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

i wish to see this guy play team games like battlefield or counter strike. oh wait he did and always failed. He's only good at mindless sprayfeast run and gun like quake

Before you start insulting, no i am not jealous. I get to play a big variety of games while he has to train on same game over and over 8 hours a day. How is that fun?

squee3427d ago

that's not even being cool anymore