E3 2009: Konami To Confirm Metal Gear Solid: Rising PS3 Tomorrow?

IGN Writes:
With Metal Gear Solid: Rising having been announced for the 360 at Microsoft's press conference yesterday, PS3 owners have been a bit concerned that Kojima's latest wouldn't hit Sony's current-gen console. This fear grew when the game was completely absent from Sony's press conference today, even with Kojima personally taking the stage to unveil Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the PSP. However, a glimmer of hope is in sight.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3424d ago

Jack Tretton and Famitsu already confirmed it, and Microsoft did too, when they forgot to announce it as an exclusive.

GWAVE3424d ago

Yeah, I don't think anyone is going to be surprised if/when Konami announces this. Microsoft (who is always quick to scream "EXCLUSIVE!!!") never once mentioned this as an exclusive, and even when asked directly if it was an exclusive, their PR reps simply said "We never said it was exclusive. We just said that it was coming to 360".

Oh well. The idea of this being a multiplatform spin-off that Kojima himself isn't too thrilled about is not exciting to me. I'll play it, yeah, but I'm not going to pretend that this is just as good as MGS4 on the 360.

really duh3424d ago

I disagreed because MSFT never said it was excluisve only that it was coming to the 360 same as Lost Planet. Even mentioning the myth MSFT lies about that when no one ever said this was exclusive made me disagree.

windmill1453424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Hopefully they'll announce a MGS4 expansion/Trophy patch as well.

sunnygrg3424d ago

I dont know why Ghost got disagrees, but its the truth. Tretton confirmed it and Microsoft didnt announce the game as an exclusive. And windmill, hopefully we will get a trophy patch. Trophies give me an urgency to go back to an already played game.

spandexxking3424d ago

i wish they annonced some sweet HD tactical espionage action with the likes of Big Boss, not some raiden action game. though it could be awesome.

el zorro3424d ago

LMAO. We know next to nothing about this game and some of you butt hurt fanboys want to proclaim that it is just some shallow hack n slash action game, based solely on the fact it said something about lightning action or something vague like that. *shakes head*

I personally think it is going to be cool as hell.

spandexxking3424d ago

hey dont get me wrong i think its going to be an awesome game but i'm just an avid metal gear fan for it stealth gameplay. plus Big Boss is so much more badass than raiden IMO:)

GWAVE3424d ago

@ el zorro

So, you're denouncing people who aren't excited about this MGS spin-off (a game that Kojima doesn't seem too excited about) because they're basing their opinions on almost no info...

...yet you go on to declare that this will be as "cool as hell" based on the same lack of info.


Dir_en_grey3424d ago

Shows both PS3 and 360 at the bottom.
From the magazine, Kojima does not direct and didn't do the character design, he only produces the game.
Raiden is confirmed to be the main character in MGS5, who is also the main character in Rising.

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Lfmesquite3424d ago

Is give 360 fans hope. ""Maybe it's still exclusive!!!"" hahaha

really duh3424d ago

It was you guys hoping and wishing Konmai would not support MSFT you were so arrogant just two days ago you laughed at the idea this would be coming to the 360 now you're the ones hoping this comes to PS3 lol.

Statix3424d ago

I never said that a new Metal Gear game or spin-off was never going to go multiplatform. I've ONLY ever said that MGS4 was unlikely to go to 360, which it still hasn't.

el zorro3424d ago

Well, maybe YOU said that, but there were a whole hell of a lot of PS3 fanboys screaming that Kojima would never make a MGS game on the 360, period.

Those people were wrong.

This is the next Metal Gear Solid game on consoles whether it has Snake in it or not. As somebody that owns MGS4 on the PS3 and really enjoyed it, I am looking forward to this new game. Raiden was such a bad as$ in MGS4 and I think it will be really cool to explore his back story.

gamesR4fun3424d ago

is it good game msg4 worthy n how much maney they make...

def not exclusive imo but good news for 360 only owners.
n if the games good even better for all.

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Godmars2903424d ago

Wait, didn't IGN say it was exclusive when it was announced? Are thy trying to back out of the claim now?

qface643424d ago

ign never said that some blogger did from what i heard

anyways so konami is having a conference tomorrow?
i dunno if i should ask this here but what's left for e3?
anything to look forward to?

cmrbe3424d ago

MS would have to rob many banks to have enough money to make konami over look the MGS PS fanbase.

Who in their right mind expected this spin off to be exclusive?.

In either case i am still picking it up but it will not be MGS.

I think it would be more action orientated and have very short cutscenes.

The cutscenes alone in MGS4 will not fit on x360 DL-DVD.

el zorro3424d ago

I have no doubt that it is coming to the PS3 and I haven't seen very many Xbox owners say that it isn't or brag about it being exclusive.

I think it is really sad the way so many PS3 fans are now trying to down play this game and even Kojima in many cases just because the 360 is getting this game.

It will be funny to see how many PS3 fans switch over to saying this game is going to be awesome as soon as it is confirmed for the PS3. Who knows though? Maybe they will still hate it just because they have to share it with 360 owners.

gamesR4fun3424d ago

where r your phantom masses of sony fans denouncing this game???
I mean if they aint trolling ng4 wth r they?

dont forget the ng4 creed "all ur fanbois belong to us"


^^^^ you will find them in the 360 announcement article.

StanLee3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

When the game was announced PS3 fanboys denounced the game claiming, Kojima would not be involved and that it wasn't a direct sequel. It was pathetic. Now, all of a sudden, everyone is excited for the next Metal Gear Solid game. Fanboys give all PS3 owners a bad name. We always seem to come off as petty.

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