IGN E3 2009: Dissidia Final Fantasy Hands-on

Dissidia Final Fantasy is something of a dream project for Square Enix fans. This PSP exclusive combines the fan appeal of Super Smash Bros. with the legacy and rich character design of the Final Fantasy franchise. Dissidia borrows characters from across several Final Fantasy games and puts them together in an action-packed fighting game that's sure to hit the PSP in a big way. The game has already made quite an impact in Japan and now it's heading to the US. I had the opportunity to play a demo of Dissidia here at E3 and I'm very pleased with what I saw. I can only hope the final product will be just as appetizing.

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Myst3429d ago

I guess I will go with this bundle when it comes state side instead of the PSP Go, unless this title will be available for download right on release date.