Spring update may upgrade "Play Game" verbiage

Based off screens taken and off the words of Major Nelson himself. Xbox360fanboy is fairly certain (84.7%) that in this sping update will include the feature of a game identifing drive. No more "Play game" where the status of the dvd drive is kept but instead you would see "Play Crackdown" or whatever respecitve game you may have in the drive. While a small feature, the feature is lacking and as in the words of Major Nelson "simple things that I've been asking for since launch".

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Yo Wassap4277d ago

Handy, it's nice to know what's in the drive sometimes without having to open or play it. A small addition but a conveniant one.

Close_Second4277d ago

...they fix the overall sluggishness of the blade interface, especially when you pull it up during a game.

DrRage774277d ago

this will definitely make alot of 360 owners happy despite it being a very simple thing.

one thing i still find extremely odd about all 360 games that they will probably never fix is that there doesn't seem to be an option in any game menu to actually exit the game and retun to the dashboard. they have it in the arcade games, but not regular have to press the button to call up the dashbaord blade to exit...anyone else find that kind of an odd missing feature? why do developers leave something as simple as that out?

Funky Town_TX4277d ago

Just hit the guide button. This is a feature that dev don't have to do. If it was up to the dev it would be different in every game. In the accade you have to pause or go the main menu just to exit. With the guide button it's three hits and you are back at the dash. The fact is you have options in the guide to do everything in the world. Music, friends, message, DL progress, chat, invite, accept invite, and more.

MONTY 1874277d ago

can you not just do this pressing the guide button and the 'y'. this returns you to the dashboard from anywhere.

Bluemayhem4277d ago

You already answered your own question.You can exit to dashboard via guide button and pressing "Y" on your controller. Absolutely no need to implement it twice.

donscrillinger4277d ago

letting us stay in the chat when we are playing xbox 1 games.also we need an bigger chat room letting at least 5 people chat at one time instead of 1on1 .

MONTY 1874277d ago

greate idea with multiple chat, its crap organising games with each person one at a time!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.