1UP: PSP Go Hands-on Impressions/Guide

1UP writes: "Reading the feedback on the internet over the past few days, there's been plenty of mixed reaction to the look of the new PSP Go -- but I've maintained that people need to check it out in person before making any proper judgments. Anyway, today we did just that at Sony's E3 booth. And while the real test will be in long term play, what little time we did spend with it today left us pretty impressed with its feel. The buttons all feel better -- the d-pad is a lot less stiff and more recessed, making it a lot more comfortable, the analog nub is more tight, and the action buttons are all smaller and have better click pressure. I'm still not entirely sold on all the aesthetics (the silver circles especially), but I have to say that it feels pretty sleek in your hands."

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ShinFuYux3428d ago

Where's the video output jack..thingy?