Sony's Secret Weapon Against HD DVD: 20GB

Aside from movie studio exclusives support, the main differentiating factor between the formats is storage space. In their current market iterations, Blu-ray Discs hold a 20GB advantage with its dual-layer 50GB media when compared to HD DVD's dual-layer 30GB discs.

Sony realizes this distinct advantage, and is committing to rolling out 80 percent of all its forthcoming Blu-ray titles as 50GB discs, according to Video Business.

When transferring a film onto Blu-ray, compression engineers may utilize the extra 20GB to attain higher bit rate video and to accommodate lossless audio streams. While many dual-format releases of late, such as The Departed, feature identical video streams encoded with the same codec, engineers recognize that the added space afforded by Blu-ray can be spent to improve quality.

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_insane_cobra4276d ago

Well, if it's a secret weapon, then they haven't done a very good job of hiding it. It says 50 GB right there on the packaging.

CAPS LOCK4276d ago

not alot of people knew they were going to use the extra space for higher bitrate, at least i didn't know...

omansteveo4276d ago

I dont get what this means. You need "Trained" eyes and a "Professional Grade" in a nutshell hes saying there is no difference

DrKing4276d ago

isn't HD-DVD gonna have a 51 gig triple layer out soon. Hmmmmmmm

grifter0244276d ago

Hmm secret weapon?? I thought seeing all the commotion from the Ps3 Fanboys , I thought HDDVD was already dead.... Why would BR need a secret weapon????????? Guess down the lines some of the fanboys messed up LOL.

Robert223884275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

I agree, but in a different way. This article is completely pointless and I believe I read something very similar to in back in January. The fact is that Bluray does not need a secret weapon. Weapons are for wars, and this war was over long ago.

btw, us "PS3fanboys" simply look at the sales figures to support our claims of bluray victory. So enough with the lame comments.

You also have to realize that not everybody who owns a PS3 necessarily cares about these bluray posts or this war, so I would think it very common that someone posted this clearly old news that still holds the belief there is actually a "war" still going on. Some people just arent keeping up with it like us. I'm a bluray fanboy first, and a PS3 fanboy second.

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