9.0 InFamous Review "InFamous is an amazing game developed by an amazing developer. Most fans of this game remembered Sucker Punch's previous Sly Cooper series which had lots of success. InFamous easily surpasses those games, or is equal to them at worst. While the graphics are a bit subpar, you have to remember that sandbox games usually have downgraded visuals in order to reduce framerate problems. The gameplay, however, is quite addicting when playing either the story mode or just freeroaming around town. With the karma system in hand, the game can give you a good 20 hours of pure gameplay, speaking of just two playthroughs of the game (one being good and one being evil), plus the extra time of just having fun around the city. Lots of powers and enemies fill up the game for loads of fun with only a few minor A.I. problems. InFamous is a wonderful experience all together and definetly deserves a nomination for game of the year."

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Lord_Ranos3421d ago

this review is saying the true this game desreves a solid 9. Well Id give it 9.5 though.