Modern Warfare 2: Blockbuster Film Or Game?


"With Modern Warfare 2 being released on the 10th of November 2009, at the busy end of the year and competing with other big titles, it would seem that Infinity Ward are showing a dramatic intensity to grab our attention for their latest Call of Duty game.

But the latest E3 demo looked more like a film than a game…"

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darkmurder3427d ago

Looks like James Bond to me but I want it anyway!

gaminoz3427d ago

To me a trailer should try and be cinematic....but make sure it shows in-game footage. Unlike some CG trailers of the past....

I've really enjoyed the MW 2 trailers but yes they do look like they are getting ideas from movies. Good ideas, though :)

They do need to tell their own story and I think they will: COD4 was good that way.

XboxOZ3603426d ago

Agree 1100% . .I think it "may"? be a generational thing perhaps . .?

Many younger or even newer fresh gamers seem to want great shootouts, less talk and just all out action.

Where as the X and baby-boomers want the immersion and the detail, and the character involvement . . . so that they feel 'part of the game' more. rather than flying through it to see how quickly they can get it over with, before taking it back to GAME or EB etc within the 7 day replacement (rental) system.

XboxOZ3603426d ago

I love the game, and would rather havethe narrative as it is in this one than the previous one actually.

The one before was great, and sections where you were coached through were nice touches. BUt this had me feeling much more involved and part of the gameplay, and I was only watching, not playing the game.

Personally I think it's a huge step in the right direction, not the wrong one.

XboxOZ3603426d ago

And it is after all - Modern Warfare, not the older WWII style war game where many were just on rails.

It's why Infinity Ward broke with the whole Call Of Duty thing and have just gone for the Modern Warfare title.

To separate themselves from the basic COD franchise, yet still belong to it.

It also helps them be seen separately to Tryarch as well, they are working on COD;6 right now, and Infinity have a small crew on the next MW (3) . . so you can see a line now drawn between the two.

SO modern Warfare would include many of these things.

allegionary3426d ago

I think this will still be the best shooter of the year.

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