GOONL!NE: Who Really Won E3 2009?

GOONL!NE: To say who's won E3 is kind of a understatement.

All three put in a decent showing at best, two of them had probably the finest conferences shown this generation. But who really won E3? Well, to break it down, I'm gonna compare all 3 plaform holders from their performances to last year.

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Lfmesquite3426d ago

But me personally, I don't see myself enjoying throwing punches as my TV or pretending that I'm holding an imaginary steering wheel in my hands.

Maybe this is great to other people but I'm not too interested.

Jamie Foxx3426d ago

isnt that what e3 is all about.....GAMES?

- Ghost of Sparta -3426d ago

Sony's press conference was megaton central. No contest, really.

KKanjiAnkh3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Do realise how much $h!t, SONY didn't show, their aired conference was ridiculously short and this is half the year.

GWAVE3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

E3 is all about games, and Sony obviously showed off the most. There's no denying that they showed off the most GAMEPLAY and the most new titles. That's just a fact.

I mean, people can yell "Microsoft totally stole the show" all they want, but I have yet to see a single user here on N4G on any article actually back up that statement with WHAT they "stole" the show. A multiplatform MGS spin-off? Motion tech that -- had it been announced for the Wii or PS3, oh wait, it was -- would be labeled as casual? Alan Wake footage that got instantly outclassed by Uncharted 2?

Not to mention that both of Microsoft's potential "megaton"s were deflated. MGSR is confirmed as a multiplat spin-off that's not even directed by Kojima. Sony gamers are getting a TRUE MGS sequel (those are Kojima's own words) in the form of MGS: Peace Walkers. And Microsoft's Project Natal WOULD have been cool if it was the only motion-control tech at the show, but it wasn't. Both Sony and Nintendo showed off their own motion tech, so that "megaton" was also defused.

Chuk_Chuk3426d ago

and sony delivered they showed more games and more live gameplay footage

Game13a13y3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Microsoft boosts too much on their press conference it makes me sick, even though they might of got some great stuffs. comparatively, Sony got even more great stuffs to show, but you never felt like they are rubbing it in your face. think Sony did a better job of representing themselves.

GrieverSoul3426d ago

IMO, I could care less about motion controllers from SOny, MS and Ninty! Not my tea cup!

On the videogames side, Sony gave us much content even though they where focusing there conference on 3 (or 4) products! PS3, PS2, PSP and Go!

The Guardian is worth the console price alone for the experience that ICO and Shadow of the Colossus gave me on the PS2
Uncharted 2 looks really good! And we all know the gameplay works since it seems to maintain the Uncharted 1 formula.
GT5! I could care less! Never liked the game anyway! For those who like, good for you! (yes! I like Playstation but GT aint for me!)
and then...

GOD OF WAR 3!!!! Holy ****!!!! I have no words to describe my excitment!

There were other good game but those were the ones that sticked in my mind! FF14 is a joke IMO! They havent finished 13 and Versus was AWOL! How the hell are they putting 3 FFs in one year and a half?! Just get 13 out and then announce 14! Get a grip Squenix!

pixelsword3426d ago

1. Sony's E3 presentation was two hours long.

2. Sony's E3 presentation was 30 minutes longer than Microsoft's.

el zorro3426d ago

What's the point of even answering a person like you Gwave? It doesn't matter what people tell you was shown at the Microsoft event and why it was significant, you're just going to play it down and act like it is insignificant.

Take your stupid comment about Alan Wake getting totally outclassed by Uncharted 2 for example. Uncharted 2 looked mind blowing and is one of my most anticipated games, but Alan Wake also looked mind blowing and has shot up to also become one of my most anticipated games. Yet you just can't help but try to put it down.

Radical, partisan fanboys like yourself will never give props where they are deserved so why bother? In fact, many gamers avoid commenting on this site all together simply because there are so many fanboys here that don't seem to care about games, but rather devote every ounce of their energy to tearing down one console and hyping the other.

KKanjiAnkh3426d ago

I know I just wanted them to drive that stake through the heart, for an overkill. Just by watching the GOW3, and U2 gameplay had me in awe!

I'm just saying E3 started a long time ago for me and a $h!tload of gamers, especially seeing all kinds of things that got leaked.

Tokyo Game Show is going to explode.

AKNAA3426d ago

Its like playing charades... And I hate that game.
Give me a ps3 wireless motion controller anyday to use on a FPS, rather than my finger and thumb as the trigger?! Lol, I'm sure your thumb will enjoy that for hours on end!

ButterToast3426d ago

I'm not exactly sure what you're getting at, but its probably a good idea to keep in mind that microsoft gets 1.5 hours to talk about the 360 while sony has to divide up the time between three platforms.

ChozenWoan3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

This is just something I happened to come across while researching PS3s Motion controllers.


while Natal is still a project in dev, this appears to be just a few games short of release. Thus the reason Sony won e3.

snipermk03426d ago

you're delusional. NEVER before seen footage of ODST, Alan wake and splinter cell tops everything sony showed? ROFLMFAO, that's gotta be the most retarded stuff i've ever heard. You think a stupid DLC like ODST can grace the standards of U2, MAG or even GOW3 made by devs with years of experience under their belts? You think the now "wowzers" alan wake will stand up to something as compelling as Heavy Rain or last guardian? And how about splinter cell? It was in the dust so far and in a single night, its shot up to stardom? We all knew how SC:4 was..

Do you think that game studios that made awesome titles even before the XBOX saw the light of day would be matched by these titles you now show off about? Watch and learn boy...

kevoncox3426d ago

You are the worst fanboy on this site. You are a fanboy that doesn't know he is a fanboy.

You keep touting Peacewalker...Get this thru your head..IT's not coming out for PS3. It's a PSP title.

Agen, nothing was shown. Nothing at all. Team ICO game was all movie. No gameplay. FF14 Online, we know how that is going to turn out. Let's just say not pretty.

Sony's best demos were AC, Uncharted 2, GOW3 and GT5. GOW is a 2010 game and no one knows when GT5 is coming (I expect 2011). When you start a confrence talking baout you last gen machine is outselling you flagship console, you've lost.

Sony B+
Nin = who cares!

menoyou3426d ago

I love Natal and I hope it turns out to be as good as they dream it to be. But Sony's controller was impressive and it was working right now.

Sony really won this E3 but Microsoft did very well also.

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Jamie Foxx3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

we want games games and more games i care not for motion gimmicks

megaton fantasy 14

megaton 2..the LAST GUARDIAN

Megaton #3 was the announcement of Rockstar’s exclusive PS3 game – Agent.

Megaton #4, god of war wow wow wow.

megaton 5, MAG can be done

megaton 6...gt5 ingame footage

megaton 7. true metal gear sequel

megaton 8..yep lost planet 2

an uncharted just looks insane

a gamer cant go wrong

green3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I consider an announcement an epic fail if anything is shown that wont be available to the public before the next E3.Why not show it then?I look at E3 as a place where i get to here about games i will be playing in the next year, not games that might not see the light of day till 2011 or 2012.

I watched both Microsoft and Sony's conference, so whichever one showed more stuff that wont be available to the public by the time the next E3 kicks off, lost the conference in my book.

Jamie Foxx3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

and the agent and final fantasy 14 are off sonys list

that leaves microsofts game line up very bare...nope best keep them on

ShabzS3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

well jamie .. splinter cell conviction, (odst + balad of gay tony = a full game) and forza 3 are still on for this year ... and despite any announcements from rare at the key note... i'm betting that they have something up their sleeves for this fall... we already know that they are rolling out pdz on xbla ..

green3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Alan Wake is confirmed for spring next year, so that's before E3 2010.So as for MGS:R, its a fail for me.So from Microsofts E3 show, we will be getting HALO: ODST, Shadow Complex, Forza 3,L4D2 this year and Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 spring next year.Off show announcements, ME2 for spring 2010 and Perfect Dark HD.

Fail for me was Halo:Reach but i kind of understand since they had to announce that you will be getting access to the multiplayer beta with Halo ODST.

As for SONY
I missed the 1st 25 minutes and started when the brilliant footage of uncharted was shown.MAG footage looked horrible and in my opinion should have been unveiled this year not last.GOW3 looked brilliant but with a spring 2010 release should have been unveiled yesterday not last years E3.

EPIC FAIL for me has to go with The AGent, i mean no pics,no teaser no trailer it should not even have been mentioned.So going from Sonys track record i expect that game in 2012.FF14 is another, why announce 14 when 13 is not even out?They should have waited for E3 2010 and announced a Christmas 2010 release worldwide.Last Guardian, well what should i say it is Team Ico (great game makers), but some footage had been leaked so they had to show it no fault of theirs. And finally GT5 still no release date?COMMON.....

Star of Sony's show was without a doubt the PSP.

AKNAA3426d ago

SC: conviction and forza 3 were impressive and out this year so thats great for 360 owners... But as for odst, it looks like crap compared to any ps3 exclusive so far and as for gay tony, Lol! its just another DLC, plus it sounds like a big joke.

SuperM3426d ago

Agent was a great announcement. First of all it confirmed that the deal between Sony and Rockstar still exists and the game is being made. Second of all we know it will be made by Rockstar North, basically the best developer at Rockstar. So in my book, no that wasnt fail. Infact it was probably one of the most interesting news coming out of any of the conferences. Im sure you would like every game to be announced the day before they release, but thats just not how the world works. The publishers usually knows best when to reveal things.

green3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

"I consider an announcement an epic fail if anything is shown that wont be available to the public before the next E3.Why not show it then?".I can see u have some difficulty understanding that statement.Where in that statement did it look like i wanted a game to be revealed the day before it goes on sale? 4 months to 1 year is enough.I don't think revealing a game years before it goes on sale will make it sell anymore.Sometimes it could even have a negative impact on sales.

So you really believe that a confirmation of a deal with Rockstar deserved a spot at E3.What is wrong with releasing a statement to the press and then revealing the game when it's ready?

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Omega43426d ago

How many times does it have to be said that MS won. I mean ending with a demo of a game you announced last year just proves you got nothing

3426d ago
Gun_Senshi3426d ago

did you read article?

No you did not, as always.

Power_Of_Flops_3426d ago

Yeah, the only thing worse is showing only multiplats and 2010 releases. Er wait, that's what MS did...

Ichiryoka3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Why would they show Alan wake and it was announced so so long ago, I just dont understand it. I guess they had nothing..oh wait...They had Splinter Cell..oh but that was announced a while ago as well, but had to be redone because they were not happy with what they had.

Hmm guess they had nothing then huh? By your logic that is.

el zorro3426d ago

Only multiplats? What bullshit.

One of the best things about the games Microsoft showed is that many of them are coming out this year.

Don't you have any shame, to just lie like that?

Omega43426d ago

The only reason MS announced games which were coming out in 2010 is because gamers kept complaining that they never knew MS lineup till the last minute.

And at least they said 2010, when GT5 coming out I didnt here a release date/year, what about Agent just a logo means they probably havnt even started development and lets not for GOW3 2010 again, FFXIV you guessed in 2010 and The Last Guardian, do i even need to say it :)

GWAVE3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

What are you playing tonight?

Because tonight, Sony gamers are playing Uncharted 2 beta and FF7 from PSN.

I love how you kids are continually changing the standards to fit your fragile little definition of how Microsoft "won". They showed off a casual motion-control camera and they won? They showed off a multiplatform spin-off of MGS and they won? Where were their exclusives? Where were their new games? Sony showed of dozens.

For every exclusive that Microsoft showed off, Sony showed off two or three. Microsoft showed off Forza 3. Sony showed off Gran Turismo 5, Gran Turismo Portable, and ModRacer Nation. Microsoft showed off Alan Wake. Sony showed off Heavy Rain, God of War 3, an exclusive Rockstar game (Agent) and Last Guardian. Microsoft showed off Halo OSDT. Sony showed off MAG, MGS: Peace Walkers, AC: Bloodlines, FF14, and LBP PSP.

Ichiryoka3426d ago

U mean how Uncharted 2 (Graphics and Gameplay king) and Mag will be relased this year along with Demons Souls, White knight, and Gran Turismo POSSIBLY.

Oh and when 2010 comes around there will only be chaos, and finaly fantasy 14, along with heavy rain, and quantum theory.

Jamie Foxx3426d ago

microsoft had very little software to make up for they had an hour presentation of natal, e3 proved to the gaming community software wise microsoft are in deep doodoo

KKanjiAnkh3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

WTF are talking about boy, who gives a Rat Nest @$$, about what games they announced or demoed before or after the show.

They finally showed Allen Wake, and ODST, and every smart gamer knew about them both at least a year ago.

Next time eat a meal that's part of your complete breakfast, before you take off your dunce cap and raise your hand.

Who the H3!! wouldn't love finally seeing the known and unknown of s*** that's supposed to keep you salivating, w/no dry spells.

I have 6 systems and your obvious attempt at humorous fanboism, is worse than Pauley Shores portfolio.

Cheers to your anti-gaming community talk.

Omega43426d ago


How many of those millions of games were actually DEMOED during the conferenced and werent just boring trailers or logos (lol at Agent)?

MS show games being played even FFXIII so they won by miles and miles just learn to accept that fact ok

BigBen3426d ago

And showing off a demo for a game you announced 3 or 4 years ago does? (Alan Wake)

GWAVE3426d ago

@ Omega

Microsoft showed games being played? Really? Did you get to see a "special" conference, because to me all I saw was a Left 4 Dead 2 CGI trailer, a Crackdown 2 CGI trailer, and a 30-second Metal Gear Raiden trailer that wasn't even was a moving picture. Was THAT the gameplay you're talking about? Microsoft showed gameplay for about 4 exclusive games, and that's it.

Omega43426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage of Halo3: ODST, Alan Wake and Splinter Cell were enough to top everything that Sony showed. Everyone had already seen GOW, Uncharted and MAG whether it be in trailer or screenshot form. MS showed new stuff. And there were plenty more demo as well like FFXIII and COD.

Sony just told us and showed stuff we've all seen before

Edit: Oh and GWAVE what would you consider to be Sony's grand ending MS had Milo and Nintendo had Metroid, what about Sony....

EDIT 2: The fact that you have to say things like "demolished the graphics and physics of any game shown for the 360" just proves how insecure you are with Sony's offering. I never said what Sony showed was bad i just said that trailers are boring at least compared to live demos. Yet you are bad mouthing everything MS showed, you really were disappointed with Sony werent you? Cause its seems your getting very desperate to prove me wrong :)

And you still didnt answer my question is my first edit, I wonder why eh......

GWAVE3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

@ Omega

Oh. I'm sorry. You're right. Sony only showed us stuff "we've all seen before". Like, for example, we saw how Uncharted 2 demolished the graphics and physics of any game shown for the 360 at E3. And...hmmm. We already saw the announcement for the exclusive Rockstar title on the PS3, right? And we saw FF14 exclusive to the PS3, right? And we saw God of War 3 gameplay (also demolishing anything shown on the 360), right? And we saw the Last Guardian, right? And we saw ModRacer Nation, right? And we saw live MAG gameplay running with a full compliment of 256 players, right?

Nothing Microsoft showed could compete. Alan Wake was dull. SC: Conviction couldn't even keep up with MGS4, let alone Sony's newly-announced games. Forza 3 was punched in the face by Gran Turismo PSP, so there's no reason to even compare it to GT5. And I love how people forget that Halo OSDT was originally supposed to be a $30 expansion, yet Bungie is charging full-price. Will they add more content to justify the price? the form of a few maps and costumes.

EDIT: Watch and learn, ladies and gentleman. You see, because Omega has no argument, he has resorted to statements such as [The fact that you have to say things like "demolished the graphics and physics of any game shown for the 360" just proves how insecure you are with Sony's offering] and [you really were disappointed with Sony werent you? Cause its seems your getting very desperate to prove me wrong :)] This is the classic "personal attack" fanboy response, because you'll notice how he didn't offer a single answer when I asked him to show me what in Microsoft's lineup could compete with Uncharted 2, MAG, God of War 3, etc. He would rather make a personal attack against me, a random internet stranger, than back up his own argument. Hilarious.

Oh, and to answer your first edit, they closed out with an all-on-stage demonstration of their motion controls and God of War 3 gameplay.

Darkeyes3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

"How many times does it have to be said that MS won. I mean ending with a demo of a game you announced last year just proves you got nothing"

@Omega4... by your logic, M$es conference sucked balls cause their biggest megaton was a multi-plat (MGS). There is no doubt Sony won on the software side... They didn't even have time to show games like FF vs 13, Quantum Theory, WKC.... They didn't even resort to go blabbing about a game for 15 min (Forza 3...). The 2 min GT5 trailer spoke mountains and pretty much beat the crap out of the hollow statements made by the Forza devs the previous day (about graphics).

Ya natal was impressive, but I would anyday prefer some physical hardware with button over than dancing like a manic in front of the TV. What application does natal have in harcore gaming apart from racers? How do you shoot bullets? How do you move in an open world game? How do you reload?.. by flapping your arms like a chicken? M$ said Natal will "redefine the gaming industry".. Well I must correct them and say "Natal MIGHT redefine the CASUAL gaming industry". PS3 showed a better motion controller than the Wii+. Ya it wasn't flashy, but it was a darn prototype... And yes it supported more precise gesture registrations than Natal and Wii+ (1:1).

All in all from the software stand point, everyone predicted this long back that PS3 had the edge and sony proved it. It showed more games compared to the 360... fact. Trico, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 (graphically unparalleled), AGENT (a Rockstar exclusive), FF14, GOD OF WAR 3 (ya it was freakin awesome), MAG (256 online beats any crap), GT5 (ya and it looks better than Forza 3)....

Just go through the above posts... few people are even adding Halo:ODST and that Gay DLC as Half+Half=1 AAA game... Ya that pretty much sums up the desperate situation.

Omega43426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

A Personal Attack!? Really!? I didnt think what i said would have such damaging effects on you. And i didnt answer your questions because the way you said them made it seem like they were rhetorical. And why would I bother say what game can compete with Uncharted, MAG etc cause you will just start screaming and crying. But i will say this Joy Ride, yes that Avatar racing game looked more interesting to me than Uncharted, MAG and GOW3 combined, how does THAT make you feel hmmm.

"Oh, and to answer your first edit, they closed out with an all-on-stage demonstration of their motion controls and God of War 3 gameplay." - I thought you would say that hehehe

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el zorro3426d ago

I think Microsoft presented their stuff better, but they both had some fantastic games to show off. PS360 FTW.