Stunning Gran Turismo PSP Gameplay Video

"You've not seen Trial Mountain look this good since Gran Turismo 4."

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i_like_ff73476d ago

Looks better than Gt4 o_O

Marceles3476d ago

yeah that seriously looks amazing. I wish I can see the in-car view but definitely impressed

el zorro3476d ago

Wow that really is impressive. I'm really glad I have a PSP. I still love the Gran Turismo series and this looks slick.

badz1493476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

and I was really amazed! I knew that it is coming from Qore where the guy said something like " has Gran Turismo on it" at the end of the PSP Go revelation! but the graphic is simply stunning! I've played many racing games on the PSP but nothing even came close to compare to GT for PSP! plus it has 800 cars and gamers can even share cars in their garage and that's also an amazing feature! PD truly is an amazing devs! they came along with a BAAMM and seeing how GT5 will look like, it's like spitting in the face of that Forza guy yesterday! he was bragging to have the best racing game with 400 cars but GT has many more! the inclusion of WRC and then NASCAR and the confirmed damage modelling for cars making it the must-have definitive racing sim! during the forza show, I was impressed with the customization options but when the showed the video at the end of it, I was thinking RIDDGGEE RACEERR!! honestly though, Forza 3 in that video looks like an arcade racer more than a driving sim whilst what have been shown for GT5 was totally in the league of it's own! the forza guy said "...solid 60fps" but I don't think I heard he mentioned the part " native 1080p"! will it not be 1080p like GT5 will?

raztad3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

WTF!!!! I didnt know my little psp was able to pull out those graphics!! that game looks insane for a portable.

Sony first/second party developers (and Kojima) :D, are GODS. What that people is doing is just unbelievable. I'm waiting for Crytek comment that they maxed out the psp :D j/k

menoyou3476d ago

Holy crap it even looks as good as Forza 3 lmao.

Nikuma3476d ago

Man that guy playing was terrible. Kept trying to drift all the stupid simple turns. Fail.

Tapewurm3476d ago

Picking this up along with the PSP Go in October.

phosphor1123476d ago

GT4 had its vehicle detail in its textures (source PD "Beyond the Apex"), this game has an amazing lighting engine. You can see the shine/reflection/shadows of the car.

arika3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

i'm just amazed how stunning this game is turning out to be. its probably because of the development time or the game creator itself but whatever it is i'm just ecstatic thats it's finally coming out on my psp! VROOM VROOM!

looks like forza 3 has a competition on its hands and its on a psp. WTF!

Gantrfaxx3476d ago

I can't believe how good this looks. I didn't expect PSP can handle these graphics.

Mindboggle3476d ago

Looks outstanding. I didnt think PSP could pull this off. So why does LBP so crap ???

50CALheadshot3476d ago



lessthanmarcus3476d ago

All you have to do is put GT1 GT2 on the PSN store and I'm sold. GT PSP is just a bonus.

V ii T aL3476d ago

This actually is surprising seeing this gameplay straight from the psp. Good job Sony! :D

Milky Joe3476d ago

Wow, that actually looked fantastic! I was expecting "Great graphics... for PSP" But that is just "Great graphics in general! Good stuff Polyphony!

ExLivingGhost3476d ago

I think Forza 3 has some competition in terms of graphics

pain777pas3475d ago

RR 1 and 2 looked amazing we knew the system was capable but the amount of tracks and cars takes the cake. Can't wait.

50CALheadshot3475d ago

gt in my pocket.


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Kamikaze1353476d ago

Microsoft braged about how Forza 3 had an outstanding amount of cars with a 600 car slection...but this comes out and it has 800 cars. Man, I can only imagine how many the PS3 version will have. I just bring it up because this is a portable system and you'd expect Forza 3 to have, you know...more.

THWIP713476d ago

- over 100 tracks?
- Full car customization?
- Full HD graphics?

NO, NO, & NO.

Xephon083476d ago

This game has 800 cars on a handheld about the size of a Xbox 360 Controler, yes it doesn't have HD visuals but the psp's processor is only 333MH the 360's is above and beyond that by a light year.

Also GT5 is probably going to have better visuals, handling, modeling, and more cars then Forza so you can do you comparison then.

Panthers3476d ago


I mean he is just commenting on the amount of cars.

jessehaysfl3476d ago

its amazing...i think the psp GT looks better than forza 3

Kamikaze1353476d ago

I mentioned it because the PS3 version of the PSP game will be much better. So yes, the PS3 version will have those and more, of course.

40cal3476d ago

This damn game is running at 60fps on the f'in PSP. Just plain awesome. I cant wait.

KillaManiac3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Actually said "Microsoft braged about how Forza 3 had an outstanding amount of cars with a 600 car slection."

Rewatch the conference....they said its only 400 from 50 manufacturers. ... so GT PSP has 2x as many cares as Forza 3 and im sure more manufacturers.

SuperM3476d ago

Yep Forza only have 400 cars. GT psp has twice as many... thats hillarious. The forza guy was bragging how it was the biggest racing game that would ever be released this generation and how it had the best graphics ever this generation. Polyphony digital certainly makes that guy look like a fool

UltimateIdiot9113476d ago

We've already seen how Sony and MS roll. MS speak with words, Sony speak with action. And Nintendo speak with money.

soxfan20053476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

"MS speak with words"?

I believe MS showed a long demonstration of Forza 3, complete with both in-game and replay footage. Not to mention an actual release date, unlike GT5 which existed only in an unplayable video.

Sarcasm3476d ago

Can you play Forza 3...

- On a Train?
- On a Bus?
- At your Grandma's House?
- On the toilet?
- Upside Down?
- Under your T-Shirt?
- In the closet?
- On top of your girlfriend?


The End.


gta28003476d ago

"On top of your girlfriend" FTW! haha

Mr_Controversy3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Forza 3 has 600 quality cars, not 800 quantity cars. Really who wants to drive 100 different beetles? LMFAO! Forza 2 is the highest rated RACING SIM THIS GENERATION, PERIOD.

Gran Turismo was created back in the Playstation days when the only competition was Need For Speed. Forza Motorsport was created in a much tougher era, where racing games were a dime a dozen. Forza Motorsport may not have a powerful name as Gran Turismo but it has succeeded as the competitor to take the throne away from Gran Turismo.

To the guy below, it doesn't matter, lol. Forza Motorsport cars are of quality not quantity. Grow up PS3 only owner, lol.

KillaManiac3476d ago

You must not read peoples replies to comments....
Turn 10 announced it has 400...not 600. You can watch the conference if you don't believe my reply

So stop giving it 150% of the amount of cars it truly has been announced it has.

SnuggleBandit3475d ago

@ controversy...stop trolling

btw who said that GT doesn't have quality cars? We are comparing Forza 3 to a psp game lol lol lol are you serious?

GT5 will BY FAR the most realistic both gameplay and graphic wise RACING SIM ever made

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pwnsause3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

0_o never thought the PSP can pull these graphics off. PD really have a winner in their hands here, a good way to launch the PSP go with a bang.

- Ghost of Sparta -3476d ago

You've got to be kidding me with this.

San Frandisco3476d ago

this isnt even real /s

looks better then forza 2.... .. . .. .. . . . . ......