E3 09 Preview: First Look at Heroes of Telara (MMOHub)

A first look at Trion's recently announced MMORPG, Heroes of Telara.

Despite looking like a generic fantasy MMORPG, Trion's game appears to have some promising new features, and some extremely promising technology backing it.

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cain1413427d ago

What else has Trion done?

ahnonamis3427d ago

Nothing. This is their first announced game. They got 100 million in investments for their platform technology or something, though.

Coyotegrey3427d ago

Gonna try and check this out tomorrow...if i get time.

ahnonamis3427d ago

It doesn't seem like it's getting much attention from mainstream gaming sites sadly.

ThePimpOfSound3427d ago

I think I met these guys last night. Looks good!

BloodyMess3427d ago

The class switching feature without switching alts sounds like a great feature, I know that I wish other titles would allow me to do that. I don't know if there will be a lot of guild/PVP, but if so that will be a huge feature.
If that is the only differentiating feature, I don't think that alone would be enough to make it stand above the rest, but it does give it a boost upfront.

TheSmokingManX3427d ago

I'm not sure that I like the idea of being able to just switch your class. That means you could have people in your party that have no idea how to play the class they're current playing, and... it just seems wrong. I see the appeal, but I'm not sure I like it.

ahnonamis3427d ago

Yeah, but Smoking Man, when you switch your class still has levels. So you may be a level 15 warrior, but only a level 3 mage. If people are playing te class they still need to understand it to play with you ;)

kultherion3427d ago

This game looks sweet!

If the gameplay is solid - it may finally take EQ2 and put it to bed.

Thanks to for covering this despite that everyone else is ignoring it.

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