Halo 3: ODST Hands On Demo

G4 invites Bungie's Brian Jarrard on stage to show off Halo 3: ODST during their live broadcast.

The videos shows off the game's Firefight mode, as well as a good chunk of single player gameplay.

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patterson3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Halo invented the FPS genre and is constantly raising the bar of its greatness. No other game can reach this level of superior craftsmanship.

Today is opposite day btw.

Gobuz3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

The Gfx are average at best and what's with the pop-in? did you see the palm trees at 00:44, i hope it's because it's an early build.

badkolo3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

looks so 2006. i love halo and all but jesus christ how many times can they regurgitate the same game over and over, looks just like halo3 and halo2 and im sure reach wont be any different.