XBox advert banned for "glamorising street car racing"

Apparently this advertisment for the xbox 360 is "glamorising street car racing" and thusly has been banned in the UK by the Advertising Standards Agency. The odd part is that the discription of the video seems to be for the video below that dates back to October.

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wasted4271d ago

They banned that!!! just normal driving in london. hollyoaks is more offensive than that.

JasonXE4271d ago

what you except? I'll take that then from watching those goddamn "this is living" commercials which should all burn in hell. Seriously who ever made those ads should be fired.

dfb19774271d ago

I deal with the results of idiots crashing high performance cars everyday, and trust me it isn't people playing their xbox or ps3 you have to worry about. It's the people with too much money and no experience/respect for the car. Nanny state getting it wrong once again