PSN Store Update: 3rd June 2009 (E3 Edition)

The full, comprehensive list of all the trailers and downloads released onto the newly designed US and European Stores from E3.

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Tapewurm3423d ago

FF7 and Medal of Honor on my PSP now :) Along with Resident Evil from last week.... gotta love it.

The_Firestarter3423d ago

So many delicious trailers. I consume with fulfillment and content. ^_^

jessehaysfl3423d ago

The US update was actually the second of june there is more coming tonight on june third, and even more coming on the fourth.

- Ghost of Sparta -3423d ago

Yeah, The Last Guardian coming June 3rd.

jalen2473423d ago

Check out Heavy Rain is beyond incredible. Probably the most realistic and lifelike visuals next to GT5

Superduper093423d ago

No Uncharted 2 trailers for the European PS Store. Awwww :(

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