Latest figures: PSN members vs Xbox Live users

So Sony and Microsoft have released their latest figures in regards to online memberships. Gameplayer sorts through the seemingly innocent figures to provide a little context in the not-so-subtly provocative numbers.

"E3 is heralded as the biggest gaming event of the year, attended by journalists from all around the gaming globe, with publishers saving their latest and greatest announcements for the prestigious expo. But the event also carries with it a not so subtle underbelly. No, we're not talking about corporate espionage, suspicious charges to escort services on company credit cards or bare skin fistfights beneath the expo stage. We're referring to the epic cockfight that underlies every new announcement of every game."

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rCrysis3428d ago

there are so many figures that mess up the real accurate data of actual users for both PSN and Xbox Live

One cannot ignore that PSN is free. Letting more users join, unless we are counting the Silver XBL members. And no one can deny that there are many people with multiple accounts. I for one have multiple accounts for PSN for different regions to download. And I also have multiple accounts for360 due to Halo and CoD4 because I like keeping my Halo 3 accounts nice and tidy with as few losses as possible and my CoD4 KD ratio above 1 =] haha

really duh3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

One cannot ignore the fact XBL offers much more content and features. I find it foolish to even compare the two services. One service is innovative and changes all the time offering consumers the latest and the greatest trying to add great value all the time. The other service it offering sh*t for free trying to keep its head above water and offers little.

One company is trying to transform home entertainment and the other simply trying not to match/catch-up to compete.

My point is the numbers for both companies always being compared doesn't make sense

patterson3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

If you're alluding to the fact XBL recently added Twitter and Facebook, big deal.

PSN has had it since day 1, it's called a built in web browser lol.

really duh3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Sure those are the things PSN is behind in ;)

No not because of:

*Zune® Instant 1080p movie service
*1 vs 100 Live
*Xbox LIVE Parties
*Avatar Marketplace
*Games on Demand
*Music Games Store

More like the universal gamer profile across all games.
More like Game invites jumping in any game.
More like the built in party system.
More like Photo share.
More like Celebrity Events.
More like the contests.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

Gun_Senshi3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

facebook and twitter omgomgogmomgomgomgomgomgomgomg

they are so useless even on PC -.-

*Zune® Instant 1080p movie service - Because downloaded Movies are TRUE HD!!!
*1 vs 100 Live - LOL WUT
*Xbox LIVE Parties - HOME
*Avatar Marketplace - HOME
*Games on Demand - Sony supports DD Games more then MS. You can download Fifa 08 09 Burnout Socom blabla etc on PSN On Demand, now even more PSP Games
*Netflix - Lol what
*Music Games Store - for what lips? harhar
*Facebook - PS3 and PSP had it since launch, its called browser
*Twitter - PS3 and PSP had it since launch, its called browser
* - PS3 and PSP had it since launch, its called browser. PSP has its own radio for years.

Anon19743428d ago

"One service is innovative and changes all the time"
and the other is XBL.

Seriously, nothing wrong with XBL but I don't think innovative is a term used to describe it for some time. Both services have their pros and cons, and both are solid. To bash one is to simply shine a spotlight of your ignorance of that service, and the subject as a whole.

3428d ago
Gun_Senshi3428d ago

oh yea because when playing COD MW2 online I need to post on Twitter "I KILLED SOMEONE!!!"

Calling Darkside a fanboy? you fail at life.

Godmars2903428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Why not, everyone ignores the content and features that the PS3's browser brings to the table.

And keep your 1 vs 100, PS3 has what COD/Halo really want: 128 vs 128.

TheRealSpy023428d ago

I have 1 million headshots in Halo 1. I once ran 100 miles in 1 hour. I've been laid by over 4000 beautiful women.

prove i'm lying.

get the point?

stop worrying about the numbers. they are probably embellished...and even if they aren't, WHO CARES??? what prize do i win when sony hit 25 million?

SL1M DADDY3427d ago

*Zune® Instant 1080p movie service - Yeah, and we all know just how well the Zune sells... Sorry, but I'll take MY BD movies and watch flicks in True HD 1080P.

*1 vs 100 Live - Lame. Sorry, but this is just a simple kernel of social networking that Home already offers. If you want the full social network, get a PS3 and get into Home.

*Xbox LIVE Parties - Lame. Sorry, but having an avenue to get together with celebrities online is silly. I could care less if I ever play COD4 with Busta Rhymes or Hanna Montana...

*Avatar Marketplace - Yeah, and you were one of those folks making fun of Home's micro transactions...

*Games on Demand - Been there, done that. I love playing my copy of GT, SIREN, Wipeout, Burnout, Quest for Booty, and much more that were downloaded directly to my HDD.

*Netflix - One word bud, PlayOn. Yeah, I have Netflix on my PS3 and don't have to pay MS 50 bucks a year to use it.

*Music Games Store - iTunes is enough for me. I used the Zune marketplace for a while and hated it. I can only imagine how pathetic this service will be.

*Facebook - Have had that on my PS3 since it launched.

*Twitter - See comment above.

* - Got one better... Go to Oh wait, the 360 does not have a browser so you can't. Any song, any time and free user accounts for play lists.

So what was it that you were bragging about?

TheRealSpy023427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

guy above me.

umm..yeah, you're clearly a ps3 fanboy. so i know this won't get through to you at all.

but just to clear a few things up...

1 vs 100 is awesome and home doesn't offer anything like it. the debut show had well over 50,000 ppl. and it was live (and always will be live), with a real gameshow host. you get to compete even if you're just in the crowd and have a chance to win real prizes. to say it's anything other than the first of its kind and a crazy experience is a perfect display of ignorance.

the ps3 web browser sucks. and facebook and twitter don't tie into psn the way it will with live. though i can't imagine too many people are terribly impressed with this feature. but still a step forward in broadening the live community. lets you listen to radio stations based on your preference while you play your games not in some lame browser.

as for games on demand...yeah, you're had that first (unless you count live arcade games), but i guess that means we should criticize every psn feature that they took from live.

oh, and as for party chat...yeah that's another pretty great feature that i have no idea why you'd be knocking. nobody cares about being able to play with celebs...hell i didn't even know you could do that. and i have absolutely no interest in it. but being able to conference with 7 other ppl while all playing different games is very cool.

as i said, you're just a fanboy...plain and simple. you don't appreciate anything anyone does unless it's the corporation you worship. pretty sad, man.

EDIT: There's nothing wrong with liking psn. and psn is fine since it's free. but it really HAS to be free. if they charged for it, they'd lose a ton of people to live. it's clear, when viewed with unbiased eyes, which online service is better. if you can't afford 4.25 a month, then psn is the only place for you. but if you can skip one meal at mcdonalds each month, live is the way to go.

ChampIDC3427d ago

You can't really compare XBL parties to Home, as they're completely different services. Parties are for cross-game voice chat, and Home is a virtual environment. Parties go between all games. Home is a separate application.

They're completely different worlds.

SL1M DADDY3427d ago

So who do you want to be today? The pot? Or the kettle?

You only call the PS3's web browser lame because your 360 does not have one. I'm sure that if or when MS announces one, you will be titillated with joy. lol

TheRealSpy023427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

i have this crazy new invention called a computer. and it's got a browser that is known as firefox.

why on earth would i use a console browser ever??? if 360 announced one i'd say "oh, they are trying to compete with ps3, pretty stupid feature."

i'm not a 360 fanboy. i was just defending it from false claims by a clearly biased "gamer".

you're sitting there trying to down play what you view as the competition which is incredibly stupid because you don't have anything to do with the success or failure of the company. you are just making stuff up because you are caught up in this idiotic mentality shared by so many people this generation. all those things you said sucked about live are clearly the whims of a person who knows very little about it. I like my ps3. and i somewhat like psn. but i have both, and i know which is better. doesn't mean the last few game purchases i've made haven't been ps3 titles. last 2 games i bought for console have been infamous and killzone. what was the last 360 game you bought? and did you actually play 1 vs 100? and have you ever had an 8 person party chat while gaming on psn? and how about streaming custom radio stations while playing your games? it's pretty obvious you've done none of these things. so don't talk about things you know nothing about (it's funny how fanboys KNOW they are completely ignorant about a subject and yet still feel compelled to shove their foot squarely in their mouths). and definitely don't try to hide behind the ps3

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patterson3428d ago

I know a lot of people have multiple accounts so they can log into other regions for the demos and such.

In my case, I have my main account for NA and another one so I can access Home and PSN Japan.

Anon19743428d ago

Sony clarified that they only count master, active accounts. I suppose some might have multiple accounts for the reasons you mentioned, but those people are far in the minority. Of the 7 other PS3 owners I know, not a single one has a second account. I have a sub account for my wife so she can play the extra PS3 upstairs with me and my buds every now and then - but that's it.

The vast majority of PS3 owners have no reason for multiple accounts.

patterson3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I did not know Sony only counted the master account. Well that's pretty impressive numbers then!

To say most people do not have multiple accounts is pure speculation though. In my circle of friends, we all have them for the reasons I stated earlier.

Lumbo3428d ago

I know several people with master accounts in several regions. Though the gross majority is obviously unable to even create an account in a different language zone ...

All Time Greatness3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Something I noticed loud and clear that Jack Tretton said today.

"There are 24 million PSN Users worldwide, with 12 million in North America alone."

PS3 barely has more than half that sold in America.

These are duplicates/PSP/what ever else I'm guessing.

40cal3428d ago

12 million in North America would be for the PSP and PS3. Its great that you can access the PSN with multiple devices.

All Time Greatness3427d ago

It also makes it sound like theres 24 million people on PSN from PS3 when there arent even that many consoles sold, and when their probably arent half that many active players on PS3 using PSN.

MajesticBeast3428d ago

content on psn store is just better more original more innovative more fun higher rated did i miss something ps3 owners?

All Time Greatness3428d ago

ha! Sure it is. Only on N4G.

In the real world where everyone supports Xbox Live over get laughed at.

el zorro3428d ago

Xbox LIVE has more content and generally better content than PSN. Anybody that has both systems knows that's the truth.

Power_Of_Flops_3427d ago

PSN games are much better, unless you're 12.

caffman3427d ago

that most don't need demos to let people try before buying.

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KilZoneGeneralStrife3428d ago

Gold expired.Ive been on PSN mostly

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