Splinter Cell: Conviction Appears in Famitsu

GOONL!NE: Splinter Cell: Conviction has had a tremendous showing at E3 2009 since re-emerging, Now, Famitsu has gotten in the act by having the game in the magazine.

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Gamertags4291d ago

This game looks amazing! I will be picking this up on launch day!

peowpeow4291d ago

I love splinter cell
and this one looks really good !
First day buy for mee

360 man4291d ago

graphically near cgi quality

La Chance4291d ago

but the game looks incredibly exciting.

JokesOnYou4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

but the graphics were damm impressive, so I know what you mean. Also what was more important is all the combined new features shown off in the game. damm, Ubi is pulling out all the stops with this one.


StanLee4291d ago

I was surprised by the impressive showings of Conviction and Alan Wake. The long development of both with little to show over the years had me less the optimistic but I'm looking forward to both.

taco_tom2374291d ago

this game looks effing sweet now i have a reason to play my 360

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The story is too old to be commented.