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Gamertags3423d ago

And watch either Sony's or MS's show. Nintendo funking blew this E3 just like last year. Simply terrible!

Brasi823423d ago

I'd have to disagree. Nintendo's showings are more about Nintendo itself as were Sony and Microsoft's are "Hey look what what exclusive we bought!!" Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Metroid: The Other M, ect. So please save us the time of reading your comment.
(Sorry tired)

qface643423d ago

gsmertags what are you talking about/

last year they showed animal crossing/wii sports resort/wii music

while this year they showed new super mario brothers wii/mario galaxy 2/metoid other m/ GOLDEN SUN!!!!
just one of the games they showed this year was better than everything they showed last year

im guessing that nintendo could have announced the cure for cancer and you still would say they blew it

ChickeyCantor3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

You have to be kidding people,
Its as bad as last year?

Nah...Lets face it, no matter what they do its always a "OMG IT WAS TERRIBLE" case.
I mean sure the games might not appeal to you, but saying they were as worse as last year is just over the top.

Cammie wasn't even as horrible as last year, she did a better job this year.

bigjclassic3423d ago

Nintendo actually showed BRAND NEW AAA GAMES.
While Agent and MGS Raiden were just wallpapers.
The SMG2 trailer is worth this whole conference.

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Xwow20083423d ago

is milking their games, i agree they do it in a good way but they really need 2 create new big IPs.
will they are focusing in casual gamers the most , they need 2 draw the attention of hardcore players.

bigjclassic3423d ago

and it shows threw the comments. SMG2 and MEtroid Other M were big AAA
announcements and will outsell most 360 and PS3 games combined.

NSMB looks like fun and finally GOLDEN SUN DS!!!