Is the PSP Go Worth it?

Will the PSP Go be worth the 249.99 price tag?

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qface643476d ago

it can be at a lower price
but at the current 250 price not really

i mean people said the dsi was too much at 180 and that added a few things to the system
this is just the same as the other psp's except for the obvious changes
im guessing the big memory is what makes the price 250?

if it was under 250 though that's a different story

C_SoL3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

and you can also add 16 more gigs.....

I'll be rocking these headphones with my PSPgo.......



I'll admit that the Europeans are getting screwed over.

JhawkFootball063476d ago

Hell no. Its freaking more expensive then a High Def Console. Its just a PS2 handheld. It will still have PS2 graphics and such. Making it handheld should not up the price so much as it being more expensive than High Def. Consoles

Myst3476d ago

Yeah I'd say the memory. My manager and coworkers were conversing over this earlier after I got randomly called in. Basically the biggest thing about it is having all your games saved and data for the games all in one place. No more hunting for memory sticks (although that option is still there thankfully). Not to mention games load faster when saved on to the system itself, being that UMDs can hold up to 1.8 gb of data you could have a lot of space for games.

(Source is wiki for the UMD data = {Hopefully it's right}

I may pick this one up but it depends on when Monster Hunter Freedom United will be available for download :) as well as Dissidia (at least for me)

jkoz3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

You can't put put your precious HD consoles in your pocket, can you? You're not exactly looking at this from the proper perspective. The key here is portability, and being able to bring hit PSP and PS1 titles with you _wherever you go_. You can be on the crapper in an airplane and you could still be gaming on with God of War or Final Fantasy. I don't think you can do that with a PS3.

The PSP/PSP Go also plays movies and music (and you can look at pictures I guess, too) on the go, anywhere. Whip it out and show someone your pictures or video from a vacation while you're out, or watch a TV show while waiting for the bus outside. Portables are vastly different from consoles for just this reason and it seems you fail to grasp that simple concept.

And for what it's worth, the graphics on the PSP look extremely crisp and clean in newer titles and having 1280x720 pixels in a four inch screen would be almost no different than the current screen resolution. Smaller size doesn't need as many pixels.

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RememberThe3573476d ago

This thing is loaded. If you don't want to spend 250 they are still going to have the PSP-3000 at the lower price.

Kamikaze1353476d ago

I love the PSP, but it's too big to just carry around anywhere for me. But...I'm not willing to dish out console price for an iteration of a portable with nothing new the PSP can't already do software wise. People can easily get large memory sticks and stuff them with games.

Aclay3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Apple sells the 16GB Ipod Touch for $299, and considering the PSP Go can do almost everything that the Ipod Touch can do and has the same amount of storage capacity, it's not really a bad deal if you look at it that way.

I've held out on buying a PSP, but I'm definantly getting the PSP Go this Fall, there's just no way around it, because I MUST play MGS: Peace Walker, especially since it's an actual sequel to MGS3 and Kojima will be deeply involved with it, in addition to GT: Mobile, as well as some other PSP games like GOW: Chains of Olympus and Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier.

I still think that Sony should have came out with 2 different PSP Go SKU's like a 8GB version for $199 in addition to the 16GB version for $249 so that they could sell one of them at the sub-$200 price point.

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