Unannounced Sony Title Revealed Tomorrow

Playstation LifeStyle writes:
Think all the E3 surprises are over? Think again! According to the E3 schedule, Sony will have an unannounced title revealed tomorrow. At this time, the title is not known, although it's rumored to be "big". Stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle for this announcement, coming Wednesday, June 3rd.

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jamesrocks31473426d ago

metal gear solid? hmmm who knows shame i am at college 2moro il try and catch this somehow

Gamertags3426d ago

Announced it today! They could have used it to try to beat MS's show. Live and learn I suppose.

Timesplitter143426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

mmmmmmmm.... tasty speculation....

But I'm pretty darn sure it a new next-gen casttlevania game (The Mask). Tomorrow is Konami's conference.

It's on the teaser site :

That would be SWEET

Hey but it's also SE's conference tomorrow. Kingdom Hearts, FF13VS, new IP, who knows? There are lots of possibilities. This seems pretty legit

Beast_Master3426d ago

Twisted Metal?

Quantum Theory added to the fall lineup? (if someone has news when this game will be released please let me know, confirmation only please)

Also if anyone knows what capcoms 2 secret games where please let me know as well, i think one is capcom vs. tenchukky(what ever).

xwabbit3426d ago

they did beat MS's show lol

RememberThe3573426d ago

Square and Konami are both set to have press conferences tomorrow. So we may see something from one of them.

The General3426d ago

Now tomorrow, they're whipping out the dagger. Real smart if you ask me. Kick down the competition and make sure they stay down for the count.

I love being a gamer.

Vicodin3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Games that haven't been official announced for the US(I believe):

LA Noir
Secret BBC Game
Warhawk sequel
Syphon Filter
Atlus Shin Megami title
White Knight Chronicles
Level 5's next PS3 game - should already be well into working on it.
Demon's Souls
Rumored Twisted Metal

Sony studios/exclusive dev who are due to announce something:
Media Molecule - Little Big Planet
Game Republic - Folklore
ThatGameCompany - Flower
From Software - Demon's Souls
Sony Cambridge and Liverpool
Clap Hanz - Hot Shots Golf

cmrbe3426d ago

I have come to the conclusion that there will be no MGS5 anytime soon as Kojima is already working on MGS PW for the PSP.

Also we must remember that it was wishful thinking to begin with that Kojima would announce another MGS for the PS3 less than 1 year after MGS4 was released.

MGSR is just a spin off MGS4 with Riden as the lead. Is not a true sequal but Kojima is kind enough to give us this spin off but more importantly MGS PW which is a true sequal although its for the PSP.

So in other words these games are just fillers before the main thing when the next MGS game is announced prehaps in another year or 2.

My guess for this annoucment is perhaps Syphon Filter PS3, Twisted Metal or the Mask Game that. My best guess is Syphon Filter.

I wonder what the heck Cambrige and Liverpool are up to. Those big Sony studios have been very quite apart from Wipeout HD and Home.

BattleAxe3426d ago

Syphon Filter for PS3 :D

- Ghost of Sparta -3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

What did Microsoft do to win the show? Announce Metal Gear Rising, which is coming to PS3? Lose Lost Planet 2? What?

Sony showed...

- The Last Guardian (the most incredible game of E3 so far)
- Uncharted 2 with CGI-quality in-game graphics (check this out but don't forget to bring some towels
- Final Fantasy XIV, not coming to 360 this time
- Heavy Rain
- Modnation Racers, the new LBP
- God of War 3
- Agent (PS3 exclusive from Rockstar, paid for by Sony, no hope for a 360 or PC release)
- MAG running at 30 frames per second while hosting a 256 player match
- Gran Turismo 5 with damage modeling, NASCAR races, double the amount of cars in Forza 3, etc
- Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time with Pixar-quality graphics and 60 frames per second + co-op
- The PSP Go with a true Hideo Kojima Metal Gear title on the way, not a lame multiplatform spinoff with crybaby Raiden as the main character, Gran Turismo for PSP and a new Resident Evil

You are truly delusional if you still think Microsoft "topped" Sony. They didn't even close.

3426d ago
hazeblaze3426d ago

Can this be for real??? Sony is crushin the competition when it comes to the games already?! If they have another exclusive for tomorrow, I'm going to be one happy gamer!!! Either way, they've already given me enough to be excited about. Their gameplay of GOWIII already crushes EVERYTHING, lol.

decapitator3425d ago

Syphon Filter ? Starhawk ? a pokemon game where you play as solid snake and instead of catching pokemons, you kill em ?

Danja3425d ago

I hope we get some Twisted Metal Info .. :)

OGharryjoysticks3425d ago

I notice some confusion (from the agrees and disagrees) in this thread about who won. I look at it this way. Sony had the Rockstar "AGENT" announcement. That takes care of Splinter Cell even if it released tomorrow because Rockstar makes kick butt games. The Final Fantasy 14 online game will be bigger than the Rockstar game to Final Fantasy fans. The Metal Gear game is multiplatform. I'm sure the 2 Halo games mean a lot to Halo fans. Just as watching the God of War 3 demo kicked major tail. In the end, it's the usual, Microsoft is great at advertising. You can't argue with that. They put on a big show and trot out celebrities just to make anything they say sound better than it is. Basically only 3 announcements really shocked me this E3 - the Rockstar game announcment, revealing the Final Fantasy 14 game, and the fact that Nintendo actually is releasing a pulse checker for senior citizens and played it off like it's for gaming :)

Highatus3425d ago

Studio Liverpool is releasing a fairly large expansion to WipEout HD called Fury. This includes 8 new tracks, 13 new ship models and 3 new game modes.

There is also a full HD video up on the PSN now.

Mainman3425d ago

Sony reps, if you are reading this:

Eight Days, please.

Beast_Master3425d ago

"Sony studios/exclusive dev who are due to announce something:
Media Molecule - Little Big Planet
Game Republic - Folklore
ThatGameCompany - Flower
From Software - Demon's Souls
Sony Cambridge and Liverpool
Clap Hanz - Hot Shots Golf"

Sony Bend- Syphon Filter series
Incognito- Warhawk
the other 2 Insomniac studios- Resistance
Slant Six- Socom Confrontation
Eat Sleep PLay- David Jaffe
Siren Team-

finbars753425d ago

Its going to be big cliff with the gears of war franchise coming to the ps3 thatys what it is.Why do you think he has been laying low so far.they have been rumoured to be bringing the epic franchise so they have more to work with garphic and gameplay.

Beast_Master3425d ago

Gears ain't happening! Cliff has his tongue squarely up the buns of Microsoft. Why would he release a game that would be 5 times larger, with higher rez graphics for the same price that he can put out a buggy 6gb game on 360 where he could make twice the profit? And get paid by MS and revenues to put out Map Packs every 5 months? That is alot of extra work for the world's most overrated developer.

Beee3425d ago

- The Last Guardian was already shown before E3.
- Uncharted 2 was kinda cool.
- Final Fantasy XIV is on PC and SE wants it on Xbox 360.
- Heavy Rain has already had gameplay footage leaked before.
- Modnation Racers... are you seriously using this?
- God of War 3 was pretty cool
- Agent... How are you even using this? "We have some exclusive we know nothing about. YAY!"
- MAG was pretty sweet.
- Gran Turismo 5.. Still no gameplay. And the number of cars is insignificant if you cannot fully customize them.
- Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time was only shown with a short clip.
- The PSP Go! Lol don't diss Raiden.

Honestly the conference was basic. Nothing we haven't seen before except for a multiplatform announcement, God of War 3 Gameplay (the biggest part of the show), MAG gameplay and more PSP games.

rockleex3425d ago

The horror game made by Epic exclusively for the PS3?!?! O_O

Maybe the rumor was true after all.

Boldy3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

It is most likely nothing. IGN got the E3 schedule before the events occurred therefore when they were showing individual games they couldn't state the name of the unannounced game so they just put "unannounced" because it was at the time that they put it up. IGN did the same thing with Microsoft. Their conference was on Monday (where they announced FM3) and on Tuesday at 2:00 they have a Microsoft unannounced title:

Now if you go to IGN on Tuesday at 2:00 you will see that they have replaced this with Forza Motorsports 3:

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grantps33426d ago

wow, that is great news.

this is a fact right? not a rumor?

I was wondering were the "mega announcement" went that sony talked about.

sony, Ich Lieber dich

raztad3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Just a rumor so far, but this guy Sev has proved to be very good predicting stuff.

Wow, color me impressed, after the MASSIVE damage Sony made with its conference, they still got something else? This is just ridiculous :D. Please Sony keeps those AAA games coming, but not this year :D

Hutch23553426d ago

That ps3 slim blew me away. just kidding, I can't wait to see what it is, Like i need another reason to play my ps3, too many to count.

akiraburn3426d ago

Actually Raz, I am pretty sure this is more than rumor. If you look on the IGN live feed page, and look at the schedule for Wednesday at 7:45, this is on there as "Unannounced Sony Title -- This could be big!". Link is

If this isn't what they are talking about, my apologies, but I am pretty sure it is. I honestly have no idea what to expect from this, but I am really hoping it's something mind blowing, and honestly I wouldn't mind anything, whether it was the Mask game, Castlevania, NCsoft's MMO, a FFVII remake (probably wishful thinking :P), or anything really, as long as it's pretty epic and a lot of fun.

Major_Tom3426d ago

The fact that its coming from PSLS makes it legit but still how big could it be?

Montreafart3425d ago

The pain hasnt ended yet. Hahaha.

Let the slaughter continue.

talltony3425d ago

"Tretton lastly said that 35 exclusives are heading to the PS3 in 2009"

PyReX-3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

LA Noire Xclusive to PS3?

- Ghost of Sparta -3426d ago

We already got Agent for PS3 but LA Noire would be nice too.

BYE3426d ago

It says Sony title, L.A. Noire is a Take Two title as far as I'm concerned.

Mighty Healthy3426d ago

L.A. Noire is not an exclusive title to the PlayStation 3. Alot of people thought so because the real title was never announced until now.

Disccordia3425d ago

No, it's only ever been announced officially for the PS3 but it's been hinted to be multiplatform due to job ads and wording on the devs website.

SuperM3425d ago

It must be the Secret game :P

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