Final Fantasy XIV: Sony's Biggest Surprise Yet?

SCRAWL: "At today's E3 press conference, SCEA showed that they still have amazing looking exclusive titles and they are ready to unleash them on to the world. One of the most surprising announcements, if not the most surprising announcement of the show was Sony's unveiling of Final Fantasy XIV. As heads turned and people muttered words of confusion, a trailer showcasing amazing visuals, beautiful environments, and new characters introduced us to the new world of Final Fantasy XIV. With Final Fantasy XIII not even released, and Versus XIII information scarce, we didn't think the world was even ready to hear about the fourteenth installment. Sal actually thought Jack was joking and was going to show some Versus XIII footage when he mentioned Final Fantasy XIV."

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TheHater3426d ago

it was actually RockStar making an exclusive PS3 game set to be release next year. I didn't see that one coming.

But WTF? Three final fantasy games to be release on the PS3 next year? Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy VS XIII, and Final Fantasy XIV. Talk about over kill. Expect Square Enix stock and profit to go through the roof next year.

dachiefsman3426d ago

It would have been a big deal if it didn't say online below FFXIV. I couldn't stand FFXI but hey to each there own.

The Rockstar new IP sounds interesting kinda dumb they didn't show anything.

peedie163426d ago

expect japan to explode dude

Myst3426d ago

I think the biggest surprise was changing the name from Code name rapture to Final Fantasy XIV. That shocked me the moment I was listening to it and was then glued to the live feed. Then after seeing the "online" part the dots were connected. Though yeah, I'd agree it was a shocker that it was for the Playstation 3 and PC; because back when no information was readily available the developers stated it was going to be for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Cyncro3426d ago

It is still a huge surprise, Square didn't even disclose an approximate date for Versus and here we are talking about an official XIV. It's gonna be great.

housegroove763426d ago

I was thinking they renamed versus to 14 as a lot of people. I was completely expecting the main character from versus to pop up sometime in the trailer. I would have to agree that 14 was the biggest suprise for me.

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