Gaming Union: Previewing Golden Sun DS

Gaming Union writes: "Golden Sun DS was announced at today's E3 2009, and Gaming Union was able to play a demo of the game on the show floor."

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ShapelyChops3424d ago

Ahhhh nintendo stop making me want to buy a DS

mephman3424d ago

Just buy one already then. :p

ShawnCollier3424d ago

Yeah, might as well buy one now.

jammers3424d ago

The last Golden Sun I played was the Advance remake and it was great. I'm excited to see what will happen with this edition.

ShawnCollier3424d ago

Advance remake? You mean The Lost Age?

PS360WII3424d ago

No remakes the 2 that came out started on the GBA.

The videos I've seen of this just look amazing really. It's been to long for Golden Sun. Glad it's coming back

bigjclassic3424d ago

Man Nintendo is giving us JRPG love.