Capcom Mystery Game #2 is Resident Evil PSP

Examiner: "The second mysterious game from Capcom at E3 2009 (the first being Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on the Nintendo Wii) was revealed at Sony's press conference. Capcom later confirmed that Resident Evil PSP was indeed the secret game they have been hinting at all along."

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RememberThe3573422d ago

That's a bit underwhelming. And here we all thought it was going to be something like DMC or Onimusha. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty disappointed that I'm not getting a new Onimusha :(

qface643422d ago

yeah i know what you mean everyone was saying like onimusha or something really big
then it just turns out to be a psp game -_-

don't get me wrong its not a horrible announcement i was just expecting more
hopefully the game plays good
im hopping for classic resident evil gameplay

el zorro3422d ago

I wanted Onimusha too. Oh well...

Jadaking3422d ago

2pac are you still alive posting comments if so your cool!


Please tell me that there is a third.

I don't want anything vs. Capcom, it got lame 10 years ago... And I don't rely on RE as much as I once had for my portable fun.

I desperately NEED an Onimusha game. Even more than a new DMC.

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The story is too old to be commented.