Famitsu Confirms Metal Gear Solid Rising For PS3

It's no big surprise to hear, but this week's issue of Famitsu has swooped down from the heavens to clarify the exclusivity of Metal Gear Solid: Rising. Which is to say, the non-exclusivity of MGS Rising.

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The General3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Once again everyone knew this except the 360 fans who were in constant denial. Now they're no longer satisfied with getting PS3 games. They want the games to be exclusive to their console. LOL. Anyway, before the Xbox Defense Force (Really Duh and his numerous accounts) comes out of hiding and press disagree, I think it's great that they'll be getting this spin off. Hopefully after 360 owners play this game, they'll realize that they're missing so much from the Meatl Gear Universe and eventually buy a PS3 for Kojima's true masterpiece that is Metal Gear Solid 4.

I'm truly happy to be a PS3 owner. I like my Xbox too, don't get me wrong, but truthfully, Sony is where it's at. The PS3 offers the complete, unadulterated experience.

@below: I don't classify myself as a fan. I'm a gamer and all I want is games, games, innovation, and more games. The PS3 has all of that and a bag of chips. Any game, in any genre is available for my PS3 library can be played on my PS3, some exclusively. That's extensive.
And no, you get a disagree before you even edit. Try thinking before you write. It'll help ;-)

And don't worry, I know your true intentions GiantEnemyCrab AKA Xbox defense Force Leader. You won't be getting bubbles from me.

GiantEnemyCrab3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

"Once again everyone knew this except the 360 fans who were in constant denial. "

I'm a 360 fan and I never said that. Stop with your generalizing BS.

Funny you say you like your 360 but doesn't that make you a 360 fan as well? So did you go around saying it was exclusive?

EDIT: I get a disagree before even finishing my comment.. lol

TheTwelve3423d ago

Well, Konami would be foolish to release such a game only for 360 in Japan. Believe it or not, the MGS series doesn't sell as one might think in Japan, and just imagine how few people would buy this game in Japan if it was 360 exclusive.

No, the MGS series will always grace the PS3 consoles. Can't make the same promise for the 360, as we see Square-Enix slowly coming back to it's senses with the exclusive FFXIV.

Anyway I'm not getting too excited about this game at all, as it will be made at the lowest common denominator of the 360 hardware.


morganfell3423d ago

It was obvious Kojima doesn't care for it either. His Japanese nature is being preyed upon now that he is also a Konami executive.

This is why he went out of his way to shower love on the PSP - Peacewalker - today.

Maddens Raiders3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

on the 360 is to dabble in financial suicide. As this is not, and never ((was)) to be the case, i'll stop typing...

MGSR THE HD VERSION3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

"Famitsu Confirms Metal Gear Solid Rising For PS3"

so, we're getting the sigma version, yep, it's not going to be like the other two sub hd mgs games that ps3 has.

and btw, Microsoft did not gain an exclusive...Sony lost it, truth.

raztad3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Kojima doesnt look very excited about this game at all. Watching Sony conference he did his best to make clear that the REAL sequel, the real deal is the PSP game, Peace Walker. He is personally involved writing the script, and producing it, and game already shows it. Really outstanding graphics for a PSP game.

MGS:Rising is like MGS:Acid. It share the same universe (up certain extent) but is just an spinoff, telling the story of Raiden, a cool but secondary character.

Lets see how this turns out. I want Rising to be an awesome game, but color me impressed and excited about Peace Walker. Big Boss For The Win.

@Troll above

What sub hd mgs games the PS3 has? MGS4 is 720p fully scalable to 1080p.

Btw, you are such a poor troll. MGS4 is PS3 exclusive and always will be, now it is clear to me. Rising is a spinoff.

bushfan3423d ago

WHERE is mask ?????????????????!!!!!!!! and what is mask!?

MGSR THE HD VERSION3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

oh my lord, none of you guys heard?

the guy who was behind halo3 and ps3's bioshock, not to mention ninja gaiden 2, was the same guy who confirmed it for mgs4.

Willio3423d ago

"EDIT: I get a disagree before even finishing my comment.. lol"

You probably were being sarcastic but that is actually impossible because if you havent finished typing your comment, no one would have seen it.


the reason why i say sigma is cause 1024x768 is a pawnable resolution, as was 585p.

360 can NOT run games at that resolution, cause 360 doesn't support it, konami will see that and be forced to alter the resolution. so which ever console this game is based on 360's version will have some sort of an edge. (i know it's very complicated for many people here to see that)

BattleAxe3423d ago

Poor poor XBOX people, you keep thinking that getting multi plats makes the 360 the best LMAO.

The PS3 exclusive list keeps getting better and better.

Gun_Senshi3423d ago

funny how crab turned the tables.

BTW, the people that found out about MGS Peace Walker before Kojima Annoucment, found out that MGS Rising is X360 PC and PS3 too.

7ero H3LL3423d ago

this is unrelated

but 360's version is not sub hd as what many BELIEVED it to be, nope, it is not. and the gameplay is actually very fast and on the contrary to what people predicted.

and it's obvious to see that SE has already begun deploying it to 360, so we can now put those rumors to rest now.

Awookie3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

"Kojima doesnt look very excited about this game at all. Watching Sony conference he did his best to make clear that the REAL sequel, the real deal is the PSP game, Peace Walker."

Yea that's exactly what i thought while watching the conferences, just a spinoff using the MGS name. Shame Konami is pushing Kojima about the Mgs franchise

MGSR THE HD VERSION3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

disagrees eh, watch i'm going to be right anyway. it doesn't matter as to what any of you guys say, you guys were totaly off in the first place about your predictions at this e3, lol, the numbers were there it's just you guys were to brainwashed into believing it would never happen.

cmrbe3423d ago

is a spinoff of the events leading up to MGS4. Its not a true sequal.

MG PW on the otherhand is a true sequal to MGS3.

My guess it MGS5 will be announced in another 1 or 2 years time after MGS PW is released.

Hey maddens. Good to see you bro.

3423d ago
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s8anicslayer3423d ago

Kojima nor Microsoft never said it was exclusive, if it were MS would have made sure that "only on 360" screen would of capped off the trailer

PlanetSmasher3423d ago

That hasn't stopped annoying fanboys from using it in system wars for the past 48 hours though, haha...

Kleptic3423d ago

I said it yesterday anyway...still doesn't look interesting...the MGS4 team is knee deep in the PSP game...this new 'western' focused MG spin off doesn't sound particularly promising...

even Kojima stated 'its not like i'm saying don't release this, but...'

he is always rough on his own stuff, but this isn't even his really...he probably hates it more than he is leading on...

now announce some updates for the greatest single player game of this can't drop MGS4 and then just forget about...even konami reps said 'we know what you want' for say more about it dammit...


Im just pretty sure it wont be the average mgs.....expect a action game

really duh3423d ago

Famitsu said it was coming to PS3 days ago the mag also said it was coming to PSP.

GiantEnemyCrab3423d ago

This is a great diversion to the fact that for years we've been hearing Metal Gear will never be on the 360 and here we are.

The gaming GOD3423d ago

They said Metal Gear 4 wouldn't be. Not "metal gear" the series itself from what I remember. Heck MGS2 was on the xbox in the form of MGS2 substance.

But then again, I'm not on here as much to deal with the fanboy nonsense so I don't really know (or give attention to) what "they" say anyways lol

lloyd_wonder3423d ago

Actually, MGS4 is still a AAA exclusive PS3 game.

That's what the 360 fanboys wanted. They wanted the last great AAA third- party PS3 exclusive on their console. How many people do you think bought a PS3 for MGS4?

How many do you think will buy one now, knowing MGS4 will never touch their console?

TheTwelve3423d ago

I don't recall anyone saying MGS would never grace a Microsoft console as it has been done in the past. Now, MGS4? Impossible without 10 dvd9 discs or so. And MGS4 is a masterpiece.


really duh3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

They do this with every MG game. First It was * fat chance its not coming to the 360 and never will* and after that they worry hard and finally its we knew this all along as if the game/series was xbox exclusive.

XGRaViSmOrSX3423d ago

and yes crab they really got it w/ an MGS spin-off of a character that everyone hated until he became a bionic ninja.

The General3423d ago

Really Duh, You're talking to your other account???

Now this is something to watch. Really duh, you should definitely get yourself checked out. Your a rabid 360 owner living in denial and you need to step away from the computer and get some fresh air. Hopefully this fall, you'll get something to play on your 360.

Rockox3423d ago

I've read so many comments from Sony fanboys over the past couple years stating that the Metal Gear series (not just MGS4, mind you - anything from the SERIES) would never come to the 360. Disagree all you want, the Crab is right.

Just deal with it, you'll feel alot better.

C_SoL3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

it's going to be a short side story of Raiden. A story that can fit on a DVD. Capisce?

From what I remember a lot of PS3 owners were referring that MGS4 will never come to 360 and they're right. I've never heard anything about the MGS series never coming out on the 360. That would be a foolish thing to say especially that MGS2 and 3 came out on the original Xbox.

Gun_Senshi3423d ago

as kojima said, its just a spin off not metal gear and he downplayed it.

Lighting Bolt Action. that is not MGS

SnukaTheMan3423d ago

Not many...or it would not be in third place.

Rockox3423d ago

@Gun - Actually, I find it pretty entertaining to watch Kojima squirm as much as he's been doing after the MGSR 360 announcement. He's gone out of his way to say it's a spin-off and that he's not too happy with the direction it's going (don't have an exact quote, sorry), etc.

It's like he's needing to reassure the rabid PS3 fans that the 360 won't be getting anything good, for fear of a major backlash from the Sony community. And I can kinda see his point, because from what I've read, alot of Sony fans think he turned traitor.

Come to think of it, it's the same thing with Square Enix. Sony fans are pissed that the 360 are getting the new one, so they need to be reassured that the next one will be PS3 exclusive.

Unicron3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

"It's like he's needing to reassure the rabid PS3 fans that the 360 won't be getting anything good, for fear of a major backlash from the Sony community. And I can kinda see his point, because from what I've read, alot of Sony fans think he turned traitor."


Dear god, please, grow up and take a look at the industry and how costs are rising. Mutliplatform is the way to go if you aren't a first party dev, plain and simple. Don't want to piss off the fanboys... please. Downplaying your own game in public deliberately to placate a vocal minority? That's so utterly stupid, no sensible developer would ever do such a thing. Almost as bad as people saying he's making excuses for MGSR, but equally as stupid.

Gun_Senshi3423d ago

Kojima: "Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. The Only real sequel to metal gear solid universe, not a spin off"

Anon19743423d ago

" it's the same thing with Square Enix. Sony fans are pissed that the 360 are getting the new one, so they need to be reassured that the next one will be PS3 exclusive."

Sony fans aren't pissed. The odd, crazed Sony fanboy was pissed. Sony fans really don't care that the 360 is getting the next Final Fantasy so long as doesn't affect the release of the PS3 version. And why would they care? More money for Square = more games for everyone. You've confused actual Sony gamers with a couple of loudmouth fanboys on these forums.

At any rate, this announcement regarding MGS should surprise no one. We've known for the past year that they were working on a Xbox 360 title, of course it was going to be a Metal Gear game. They would have been insane not to make it a Metal Gear game. Why on earth would they squander one of the biggest names in videogames?

But again, this is multiconsole. Aside from the hardcore console wars nut jobs, this announcement is good for 360 fans, good for PS3 fans. They're both getting a MGS spinoff. Should be interesting.

Unicron3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Darkride, have a bubble on me. Thank god someone here besides Crab and Senshi can use their brains.

Multiplatform is the future. Period. If you are a third party dev like Capcom making HD games, you are spending MILLIONS of dollars. There's NO reason to limit your audience. All gamers win. Fanboys lose.

Kleptic3423d ago

crab...on up in this thread you stated 'not to generalize'...

who exactly said the 360 would never get an MG a PS3 fan, I know I never once said that...afterall, its not like things stayed only on the PS2...the xbox got a MGS2 port...

anyone following the game, the developer, and the series...was pretty certain that the 360 wouldn't get MGS4...not MG in general...Kojima himself said MGS4 could not be done on the 360...period...thats what the arguing usually focused on...the game was filled with hilarious digs at the 360 anyway (the middle of Act IV being the most memorable) was pretty clear that kojima was fully aware of what system his fans owned...

this multiplat game set in the MG universe was very predictable...even more so that the multiplat game is seemingly going in a very different direction from normal MGS titles...

if you are talking about rabid ignorant ps3 fanboys screaming about how the 360 would never get something from kojima...even that still holds...this is NOT Kojima's game...his development studio is making it...but it WILL NOT start with the famous 'directed by Hideo Kojima' in some epic opening scene...he is producing it, and is seemingly unhappy with it so far...

by the way...he also isn't directing the PSP game either...only difference there is that the MGS4 team is making it...and a 'new' division of Kojima productions is focuing on Rising...

the initial argument holds...Kojima does not like the 360...he doesn't understand its core user base...and has ALWAYS been very vocal about hardware that doesn't innovate...i'm not agreeing with him that the 360 doesn't innovate...but on a hardware doesn't...the 360's innovation lies within its connectivity developed through XBL...and there in lies the biggest aspect...Kojima is Japanese...and Japan does not get online gaming...

on a side note...that is why FFXIV will probably suck...just like FFXI did...can't call me biased on that one, I only own a PS3...

Rockox3423d ago

I don't doubt for a minute that the reasoning for going multiplat was to expand their audience and thereby making a few extra dollars. If Microsoft and Sony want to throw money at these companies so they can keep making great games, then I'm all for it.

I do apologize for using the term "fan" when I meant "fanboy." I see that it is important to recognize the distinction between the two. Bubbles for both Unicron and Darkride, because both of you guys always have intellegent, constructive things to say. Peace.

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Fatal Blow3423d ago

Who care's if it's on both console as long as it's good am a happy men as long as it does'nt come to wii lol